10 Great Ideas for Location-Based Emails (Geotargeting)

Research shows that relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails

Location-based content (geo-targeting) using real-time content is a great way to boost relevance - because your email and website change dynamically at open time, depending on location.

So here are 10 great, real-time marketing ideas to get you thinking:

1. Nearest store location and opening times

This is the simplest - when opened, your email shows the nearest location for your business.

If you’re a national retailer with brick-and-mortar shops, or a service provider with many offices, or an international organization with a presence in many countries, showing your nearest location in emails is a no-brainer.

Depending on the nature of your business, either base the information on the shopper's current location, or their delivery address.

Also include today's opening hours - or tomorrow's times if you're already closed today.

2. How to find us

This is an extension of #1. When a shopper clicks on the dynamic content that shows your nearest location, it redirects to Google Maps which shows directions of how to get there. 

For example, suppose you are a car hire company with a presence at many airports. When a client asks for car hire details at (say) PHL and you send them an email, wouldn't it be great if they could click and get the exact route to where they can collect their car? Simple and impressive!

(I know that you can do the same thing with a static email, but that's harder because you have to integrate the data from your Website into your ESP, which needs involvement from both IT teams)

3. Language

Even if your emails are in English, it's friendly to greet each shopper with a few words in the current local language.

4. Prices and Currency

Personalize the links from your email to your website, so that shoppers clicking through get the current default language, prices and currency. 

5 Segment Your Offers

Show different offers in different cities and countries: either because local tastes vary, or so you can test out an offer in one location before rolling it out more widely. (This is also called geo-fencing.)

6 Segment your Product Recommendations

Show different product recommendations for different cities and countries, so each shopper sees products appropriate to where they are now (we call these "site brands").

7. Weather-based offers

Sales are affected by the general weather - cold/warm, calm/windy, wet/dry - and you should direct your offers at where they will be most effective.

Weather rules, to show different content depending on the weather; or show a local weather forecast.

8. Season-based offers 

Online retailers can leverage geotargeting to account for varied target markets’ seasonal differences. In Australia and New Zealand, for instance, summer runs from December to February, when most American shoppers can’t get enough winter wear.

9. All Types of Real-time Content

Embed the right Twitter Feed or News Web Crop for each shopper's current state or country.

10. Shoppers who are away from home

Tax Free! Many countries and states offer tax relief or refunds to travellers.When a shopper opens your marketing from a different country to their delivery address, there's a good chance they are traveling and you can show details of how to avoid tax.

Also reassure travellers that you can ship to their normal delivery address.

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