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2017 Product Highlights at Fresh Relevance

2017 Product Highlights at Fresh Relevance

2017 has been a standout year for Fresh Relevance, from our first customer event to the many new faces we’ve welcomed to the team.

Naturally we’ve been making all sorts of improvements and exciting additions to our platform over the course of the year.

Here are a few of the highlights:


Site Editor

The Site Editor has been developed to speed-up the process of making changes to your website. It gives you total control over what content is presented, and how and where it is displayed to website visitors, all with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality.


Targeting Facebook and Twitter Segment Audiences

This feature allows you to target Facebook and Twitter audiences with with customized ads and content based on their previous behavior on your website. Documentation has been added to describe how to target the social network audiences from the Segment Builder.



Recommendation Carousel

A new template has been added which provides a carousel to showcase multiple products on your website and can be scrolled left/right using arrows.



Many extensions to Segment Builder, including Back in Stock Alerts and Price Drop Emails

Back in Stock Alerts are great for targeting shoppers who may have been disappointed in the past due to lack of stock. They allow you to build segments with the email addresses of shoppers who have browsed products that were unavailable and have now come  back into stock again. Price Drop Emails are a very effective way of recapturing cart and browse abandoners, drawing them back in with a good deal.


Ratings and Reviews

People use Social Proof not just when choosing between products, but also as an indication of how trustworthy a website might be. Fresh Relevance pulls your product ratings and reviews from the Review Site APIs, including scores and counts.


GDPR Compliance

We are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and achieved this 12 months ahead of the 25th May 2018 deadline.


Magento 2 extension

We support all versions, including Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) and Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition).


Many extensions to cross-channel personalization, including recommendations based on "Best Category" and "Related Products"

Using specialty content tools such as SmartBlocks, social proof widgets, recommendations, reviews, live pricing and specialty platform tools including slot rules, weather tools, geo tools, data tools (profiling engine), and segment builder, you can now deliver the best experience ever through the right channel at the right time.


Third party cookie tracking, allows tracking a shopper's sessions over multiple domains

If your website has multiple domains, we can track over them all, to allow your brand to be cohesive and not lose any valuable data.


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