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2018 product highlights at Fresh Relevance

2018 product highlights at Fresh Relevance Headshot

By David Henderson, CTO

Fresh Relevance cross-channel real-time personalization platform product enhancements

2018 is coming to a close, and what a 12 months it’s been. In the year that saw 500 websites using the Fresh Relevance solution, we added all sorts of new features to our cross-channel personalization platform.

We hope that these updates will help you deliver even better marketing results in 2019!

In case you missed it, here are some of the most exciting product enhancements from over the year:


New marketing rules

By setting marketing rules in the personalization platform, marketers can choose which dynamic content SmartBlock will be displayed to each individual shopper.

We made the user interface (UI) more intuitive and enabled you to target content to audience segments across multiple countries and multiple sites. You now have even more options to leverage contextual data, such as location and weather forecast.




Price drop product labelling

Emphasize recently discounted items by prioritizing them in product recommendations.


Triggered email comparison reports

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your automated email campaigns by analyzing your triggers’ performance and comparing programs, strategies and rules.


Location-based weather rules

You can now show weather-related content such as product recommendations based on the weather forecasts for the location of your customers. This feature is particularly useful if your customers live in diverse locations with different types of weather.



Location-based time zone helpers

Use the Fresh Relevance personalization platform to show customers content such as store opening hours based on their local time zone.


Advanced Customer Tagging

The new Advanced Customer Tagging (ACT) feature enables you to apply tags that group together particular types of information about a product such as color or brand.

When a shopper browses or purchases your products, the tags from those products will be associated with that particular shopper. This means that you will be able to target content to shoppers based on the types of products they are interested in.



Frequency capping

Frequency capping enables you to add filters to any dynamic content SmartBlock, allowing you to control how many times each product can be re-displayed to shoppers. This means you can avoid presenting the same product recommendations again and again, and ensures you’ll stay relevant to your shoppers.


Product-centric analytics data

Product-centric reporting data shows how well different products are converting, so you can identify your best and lowest performing products.


Find out how to use the Fresh Relevance platform to create a personalized customer experience:


2018 product highlights at Fresh Relevance Headshot

By David Henderson


As CTO at Fresh Relevance, David leads the dev team. He has been instrumental in designing, building and scaling the platform to help marketers get awesome results by driving sales growth and strengthening customer engagement.