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4 Reasons Why Cross-Channel Marketing is Like a Game of Tennis

Cross-Channel Marketing like a game of Tennis

Did you know that Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world?

As Murray, Konta, and Djokovic take to the courts, we at Fresh Relevance are thinking about how cross-channel personalization marketing can be very similar to a game of tennis.

Bubblebox says that: “email clients have fluid, forever changing standards. It can often be tricky to keep up.”

Email marketing, like tennis, is a means of back and forth communication between your business and your customers. You need to respond to their fluidity as you would your opponent's.

  1. You Serve Content to Your Readers

    When a viewer visits your website, you serve them with content; this is the beginning of the game.

    The initial serve of content is an offering to your customer, if they like what they see, they’ll engage, hitting back by signing up to receive email updates from you.

    What’s important with your first serve is that it’s strong enough to begin a rally with your viewers. If it’s not strong and well planned, the ball will hit the net leaving your viewer disengaged and disappointed.

    To start off strong, serve real-time dynamic content on your website to encourage viewers to sign-up to your mailing list. Once you’ve hooked your viewers into an exciting rally, then it’s all to play for, so make sure you have bold Calls To Action to drive the viewer to take the game to the next level. Also, once they have signed up, remember to send them a welcome email. TK Maxx does this well by giving their new prospects a “warm welcome” and a guide to best use their website.


  2. It's a Game of Back and Forths
    Once your website viewers are identified, it’s game on!

    Keep the rally active using automated dynamic triggered messaging like welcome emails or cart and browse abandonment emails. Once your viewers are back on your site, serve them with an individual coupon code or product recommendation to keep them clicking through and carting. Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop.

  3. Strategy is Key

    Email personalization will enable you to grab your viewers interest and encourage continuous interaction.

    Use engaging and relevant real-time dynamic content like product recommendations, social proof and countdown timers to set yourself up for a sure win.

    You’re able to keep the rally going using dynamic content and your readers reply by engaging with the content of an email. For example, clicking on CTAs, using individual coupon codes to make purchases, or reading your blog posts. To maximize the engagement, the content of email marketing should appeal to your readers.

    Another way to make the most of your email marketing rally and encourage your viewers to click on CTAs is to use a time pressure, by using a countdown Smart Block on discounts or offers like Thorntons has done.

    Each time readers engage with your business, they’re rallying the ball back to your side of the court, and it’s your job to hit it back to them each time with more engaging content, keeping the rally going.

  4. There can be Multiple Rallies in a Match
    So what happens when a rally ends and you aren’t winning? This could mean a viewer doesn’t click on offers or other CTAs in your email marketing content, or that they do click, shop around a little, but end up abandoning their cart. Fortunately, the end of a rally doesn’t always mean the end of a game. This is where you can use automated cart and browse abandonment emails to try and re-engage your viewers by reminding them that you’re still there and so are the products that they loved. 

    Fresh Relevance can help you implement some of these techniques on your e-commerce site! 


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Sophie Crichton
Marketing Intern 
Sophie is a new recruit at Fresh Relevance, joining the Marketing Team on a placement year from the University of Southampton. She enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and being surrounded by as many dogs as humanly possible.