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5 Craic-ing St. Patrick’s Day Emails We Love

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March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, the day when we celebrate all thing green and Irish. St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1737. Flash forward to 2018, the day is still celebrated every year worldwide and retailers have used the occasion as an opportunity to excite and engage with customers and boost sales.

We’ve collected our favorite email campaigns using real-time, personalized content for St. Patrick’s Day to inspire your own emails:

Countdown Timers:



One way to encourage a subscriber to take action during a discount period is to remind them that the offer is only temporarily available. The added time pressure will spark a fear of missing out (FOMO) for shoppers who are undecided, enticing them to make a purchase to avoid missing the opportunity to shop with you at a discount. Home Decorators Collection used a Countdown Timer to create a time pressure around their St. Patrick’s Day sitewide discount. Topped off with a green color scheme, Irish-themed pun and a shamrock and we’re away!

Social Corporate Responsibility:



While everybody is celebrating and enjoying themselves, it’s easy to forget about some of the things we could be doing better to help each other and the planet every day. Naturopathica has used the traditional color for St. Patrick’s Day along with their positioning as a sustainable brand to remind customers of the need to “go green” and be as sustainable a consumer as possible. Reminding your customers during a time of celebration that you care about more than just making sales might be just what they need to want to spend their money on you. Naturopathica also used a coupon discount code at the bottom of the email as an extra incentive for subscribers to browse the site.

Product Recommendations:



Making product recommendations to your email subscribers on how to celebrate in style will grab their attention and inspire them. Ciate has recommended their St. Patrick’s Day themed nail paint collections designed with some of the traditions in mind to email subscribers, encouraging them to celebrate with the brand. The Irish themed names of the collections are a nice touch to these product recommendations, presenting the brand in a fun and intriguing light. 84% of consumers report taking actions based on personal recommendations, so emailing shoppers with these product recommendations is likely to drive them to your website

Coupon Codes:



70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon. So Gymboree is getting it absolutely right on St. Patrick’s Day by giving subscribers what they’re hoping to find in their inbox. The brand offered shoppers a dedicated St. Patrick’s Day discount code for the occasion to encourage them to browse the website and make a purchase before the day ends.

Facebook Live Competition:



We’ve all got a bit of a competitive streak and, on St. Patrick’s day, a lot of consumers will be feeling the “Luck o’ the Irish”. So why not take a leaf out of Quiz’s book and use real-time social media marketing tools such as Facebook Live to create a buzz around your brand and incentivize your customers to share the experience with their social media following as well as your own! Inviting customers to interact with your brand and win prizes will encourage them to view your brand in a positive light and engage with you.

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