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6 Case Studies of Successful Popover Subscribe Forms

Successful case studies of popover subscribe forms


Fresh Relevance offers Popover subscribe forms now. So the big question for our clients is - are Popover forms any good?

  • Studies have shown that Popover opt-in forms significantly increase email subscriptions and that there are no more bounces or complaints than on a page without. Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist and Hubspot marketer found exactly this. Read more
  • But researchers such as the Neilsen Normal Group opine, "Even though we have recommended against this since 1999, some sites still force users to log in before presenting them with any real content". Read more.

Do the gains - such as possible increased subscriptions, outweigh the losses - such as possible increased bounces or unsubscriptions?

We all have our own opinions: and ours is that you wait until shoppers have had a chance to see your site contents before you hit them with a Popover form.

But I'm sure you'll agree that what really matters are facts. So we're going to research different options, using our marketing site, and tell you what worked best for us.

Opt-In Pop-Ups: Are They Any Good?

While we're waiting, I found a great article that aggregates about 20 Popover case studies, by George Mather at CrazyEgg.

I picked 6 examples from it that caught my fancy (mostly from near the start) and - most important - checked to see whether the sites from these successful studies were still using Popovers. 

Nikki In Stitches

Nikki McGonigal, a food craft blogger, started testing out with both sidebar and lightbox forms for opt-ins. After 8 months, when she compared the results, she found she had 1375% more subscribers. The sidebar form had a subscription rate of .4% while the lightbox form converted at 5.5%.

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse’s photography blog went from averaging 40 subscribers a day to 400 subscribers a day. Further to this, his page views per visitor went up and his bounce rate remained almost the same.


AskLeo.com drove just 10 to 15 subscribers despite getting 44,000 unique visitors every day. Site owner Leo found a hover box set at a delay of 60 seconds was capturing the most emails. He was now getting 100 to 150 subscribers on a daily basis.


This simple Popover, which doesn’t even directly ask for emails, is the third biggest lead generator on Usertesting.com.

Mama's Lebanese Kitchen 

Mama’s Lebanese kitchen, a recipe blog, gained 10x lift in conversions after they began implementing opt-in Popovers in September 2012.

WP Beginner 

Syed Balkhi of WP-Beginner saw a 600% lift in email opt-ins when he used Optin Monster’s exit-intent Popovers and no increase in bounce rate.


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