7 Back to School Emails to Make You Top of The Class

Summer is half over, so it's nearly time to pack up our sunscreen and ice cream and get back to school. For us marketers, it's time to prepare for the Back to School shopping surge.

In fact, it has been reported that Back to School and Back to College spending will reach $83.6 Billion this year, as parents stock up on clothing, stationery, computers and much more!

We've put together a few email inspirations to help you get on track for a top grade in email marketing this year:

1. Urban Outfitters

You don't have to sell Stationary and Uniforms to be able to leverage the Back to School shopping season, just look at Urban Outfitters. Their "Checklist Style" email is very effective, after all, we all love the satisfying feeling of ticking things off a list!

Urban Outfitters back to school email campaign

2. B + C Shop

Building products into the email creative makes B + C Shop's Back to School email fluid and cohesive. Including relevant related content at the bottom of the email ensures that all types of customers have a clear journey to follow.

B+C Shop back to school email campaign

3. Attitude Clothing

Creating emails around Product Categories, as Attitude Clothing has done, is a great way to make your Customer's Journey easier! You can even go further and show customers the most browsed in a category, or even change what categories are shown customer to customer. After all, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that personalizes (Watson Campaign Automation, IBM).

Attitude Clothing back to school email campaign

4. King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour leveraged the Back to School season by theming their existing content series, Recipe Roundup, around the return to education and work. This shows you don't need to spend weeks planning a campaign for it to be effective, but can adapt your existing content slide beautifully into current trends.

King Arthur FLour back to school email campaign

5. Ryman

Social Proof is a tried and tested way of getting customers to buy products. Ryman's showcase their best selling products paired with school saving prices. This is a great example of a Back to School email, as it keeps to the point but has a flare of creativity with the portrayal of their next day delivery offer.

Ryman Stationary back to school email campaign

6. Paperchase

Coming up with a strong creative concept for your Back to School email marketing campaign can put you head and shoulders above your competitors. Paperchase's fun Alphabetical Back to School email is a fun way to include products in their email. Advertising a discount for your target market as they have is also a great way of encouraging sales, 70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon (The Social Habit). Why not go a step further with a personalized coupon?

Paperchase back to school email campaign

7. Missguided

GIFS in emails can sometimes be too much, but Missguided has found the perfect balance, making their emails eye-catching, fun and memorable. Real-time dynamic content makes emails more relevant and personalized to customers. 

Missguided back to school email campaign