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August 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from our improvements in August 2016:

1) Task Copilots

This feature makes your work easy and fast with taking you through the process of using our features acting as your “personal assistant” explaining every step of the journey. When logged into your Fresh Relevance account, just choose the feature you are interested in on the main dashboard, then click on “Start” for a tour.    

  • Copilot for Countdown Timer

 Adding a Countdown Timer to your email campaigns is now easier than ever before! Just click on the right tour to let our copilot help you through building your Countdown Timer based on an already existing template or let your creativity fly away with designing your SmartBlock!

  • Copilot for running a split test on a website     

Running a split test to choose the best performing SmartBlock has never been so easy. After choosing the tour, just follow the pop-ups that will take you through the process of split-testing.

  • Copilot for merging text onto Live Image for an email campaign

Personalize your product images with the recipient’s name. The copilot helps you through all the steps of the process of merging a name or other data from the ESP.  

2) Trigger Script Testing Facility

Now you can easily develop and test the JavaScript with this improved testing facility that allows you to check whether a given trigger rule (with extra script) will run for a given person/cart. Triggers or trigger steps will be run for:

  • A particular email address
  • A recent cart
  • A particular set of products

The new test facility allows the script to be run in a sandbox, and any output from the script (console.log or errors) is also displayed. A “run/ not run” indicator is provided to make it easy to tell what will happen in real-world situations. Just log in to your Fresh Relevance account, click on “Triggers”, choose any of the trigger options then scroll down and you will find it under the “Advanced Features” section.

3) Pinterest SmartBlock | Read more

Integrate Pinterest pins into emails and web pages in real time that lead directly to conversions! 

With this SmartBlock your customers can click through directly to the product page on your ecommerce website or to your Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas. You have complete control over which products are visible and when. The Pinterest SmartBlock is fully customizable using our standard templates or your own HTML and CSS designs. Click here for a precise how to guide.

When logged into your Fresh Relevance account, go to Content/SmartBlocks/More and you will be able to choose your Pinterest SmartBlocks whether you are making a new one or using a template. 

4) Instagram SmartBlock | Read more

Integrate Instagram posts into emails and web pages, in real-time!

Your customers can click through directly to a fixed page via the Instagram SmartBlock in your emails and web pages that will lead your customers directly to your ecommerce website or simply to your Instagram feed for more inspiration and ideas. With the Instagram SmartBlock you have complete control over which images are visible and when. Embed Instagram images in emails and web pages using pre-designed templates or create custom templates using HTML and CSS to achieve any desired design and branding. Click here for the how to guide.

Find this SmartBlock in your account under Content/SmartBlocks/More and get started today!

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