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Black Friday Favorites 2017

black friday favorite emails

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have all been and gone and we’re missing the discounts. So we thought that we’d nostalgically flick through our favorite emails of the sales period and share them with you for Black Friday Week 2018 inspiration! Can you tell we’re already saving up?





This Thanksgiving, Sunuva made product recommendations to their email list by suggesting gifts for them to purchase as a “Gift Guide”. This is sure to make holiday shopping feel more straightforward for potential customers that receive this email. You could even go as far as personalizing the recommendations you make based on the recipient of the email.





Thanksgiving is a time for recognizing those in our lives that provide us with joy and comfort. For a number of people, furry friends come into this equation, so when PetSmart created PetsGiving, we got on board pretty quickly. PetSmart sent out a Thanksgiving email adorned with images of cute pets, encouraging its readers to join in online with the hashtag #PetsGiving. Trying to spark a social media buzz around your brand on public holidays is a great way to engage your viewers and move them closer to buying with you in the future.





We all love a little rhyme, or sing-song during the festive season, so what better to catch your readers’ eyes and ears than having them read your email as a tune in their head? Anthropologie has captured the essence of Thanksgiving in this email with both the imagery used and the rhyming toast used for the text.

Black Friday:

Early Learning Centre


Black Friday can sometimes feel a bit routine-like these days in terms of the bombardment of emails we receive- all with a black background. So this year, Early Learning Centre broke the monotonous cycle by building a sense of urgency for their mailing list with a Countdown Timer that continuously moves closer to the end of the sale. They also added a splash of color to the design, to make a change from other emails sent your way on Black Friday.




A good way to build talk and excitement around your brand during a sale is to build a feeling of anticipation among your audience. This Black Friday, Knixwear jumped on the “Black Friday Week” bandwagon and released Daily Deals. The catch with this is that your readers know that there’ll be a deal on each day of the week, but they don’t know what they’ll be before the day arrives. The excitement around what tomorrow’s deal will be enough to get your readers talking and the FOMO may even get them spending money on each day of the week so that they don’t regret it if it’s the best deal of the week!

Cyber Monday:




Many shoppers look to the advice of their peers before making a purchase- looking for confirmation from people they trust before investing their own money. The image in Contiki’s Cyber Monday email is a great example of how consumers look to their friends for purchase advice. This image may resonate with Contiki’s readers and may encourage them to purchase with the brand on Cyber Monday (after texting their friend about it, of course). Social proof is a great way to catch your readers’ attention and to encourage them to convert when previous buyers have responded to the brand positively. Contiki could have made this email even better by adding a star rating or reviews from previous customers so to encourage readers to convert.


Nasty Gal


Calls to Action are an essential element of your email and web content as they are the link between your reader seeing the email, and moving to the next stage in the conversion process. If the CTA doesn’t command your readers’ attention, they won’t be drawn to click-through. In this Cyber Monday email from Nasty Gal, the CTA has been used to make the model appear to be coming out of the screen and clicking it herself. Little quirks like this in your email and web content will make your readers chuckle, and may encourage them to click-through!


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