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December 2015 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

We've always provided our technical contacts with information about monthly enhancements, but it's quite likely that this doesn't reach everyone interested, so in future we're going to publish a list of highlights one month in arrears.

Here are some highlights from the 100+ improvements in December 2015:

1. Variable delay intervals in Triggers

The trigger script, which controls whether a trigger is run or not, has been extended. You can now specify the exact timing of triggered emails, based on the exact situation. Timing is personal to each each shopper. For example, send a reminder email 1 hour before a sale affecting their shopping cart ends, or 24 hours before their flight leaves. Also different timings can be used in trigger programs for high value products compared to low value products. Read more

2. Advanced Filtering of Messages

The Messages Sent report can now be filtered by the stage (step) of a particular trigger program. This allows detailed reporting on who is being sent emails for the various steps of each trigger program.

3. Merges in number fields on SmartBlock filters Implemented.

This allows filter comparisons to be based on a value relating to the merge fields passed to the SmartBlock, or (for metered SmartBlocks), the person. For example: {{ merges.minprice }} could allow the minimum price to be controlled from within the email where the SmartBlock is used. Read more.

4. Support for searching by EID in the Shopper Report

The search function can now use eid (commonly, this is an id passed in the query collection by an ESP, to identify people clicking on campaign emails)

5. Link to Person record from Cart Layout, on the Cart Layout page

There is now a link from the cart signal being displayed to the corresponding Person record. This makes development easier as the original data can be easily viewed.

6. Standardize Recommendation Template Layouts

Recommendation templates now have more consistent and concise names, obsolete templates and some duplicates have been eliminated.

7. Optimize popup instructions with new "show blank" functionality

The slot rules system now has the ability to "show blank SmartBlock" (ie not show any marketing). This simplifies various situations, including showing data capture popups, so the corresponding instrutions have been streamlined.

8. Magento extension ­ performance improvements

Performance Optimizations. Read more:

  • Extension will now pull product data from registry instead of rebuilding a product collection.
  • Toggle added to switch between old and new method of pulling product data, old method now referred to as “Full Product Reload”
  • Now exposing action name, module name, page type and layout handlers when in debug mode
  • Now able to manually select which pages products are exposed on, also supports custom page handlers Other Issues Addressed:
  • Resolved bugs

9. Display Rules tab in Slots for Basic accounts. Read more about Rules

"Basic" subscription accounts now have access to the "Rules" tab for Slots. This allows access to rules which don't require metered SmartBlocks (a feature of Pro or Enterprise subscription). For example, slots can now be targeted based on time of day or date range.

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