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Driving Loyalty through Triggered Messaging

Driving loyalty through Triggered Messaging dotMailer Fresh Relevance Social Share Image

At eCommerce Expo in October, I co-presented a talk with Matt McClelland of dotMailer. We partner with dotMailer and help their clients with cart abandonment solutions, and with integrating data from their eCommerce site into dotMailer. 

The theme of the talk was "keep it simple". Many people in marketing get hung up on boiling the ocean dry. They want to analyse every option, cover every eventuality, plan everything. That can mean a huge delay before starting to get any benefits.

Simple triggered campaigns like abandoned cart recovery can generate huge pay-backs really quickly. A typical client of ours got an extra 6% uplift as soon as they enabled our cart recovery emails. What would that mean to your business? Our recommendation is to start with the simple, quick wins and think more about strategy once you've got the basics covered and are seeing some returns. You can then engage with some experts - for example dotMailer, Zettasphere or us - to help optimize and improve your processes and programmes.

The talk started with basic Fresh Relevance topics and moved through to more advanced topics.

More advanced programmes include:

  • Browsed but didn't buy
  • Form abandonment
  • Post-purchase review request
  • Implied interests - browsed product of type (X)
  • Upsell - purchased product of type (x) - now sell them (y)
  • Replenishment

In September - just before the talk, Forrester came up with a timely report with conclusions, amongst others, that "businesses should up their efforts to collect e-mail addresses, and tailor their e-mail marketing messages to each recipients' device and prior purchase behavior". We couldn't agree more - but of course for most busiensses it's just not that system. eCommerce systems tend to be siloed systems, with the data held entirely separate from the eMarketing system. Even if you can get the data into the eMarketing system, it usually only includes data on registered customers. What about all those people who've come to the site, looked around, maybe carted some products, and then abandoned?

Fresh Relevance gathers the widest range of data, including people who haven't logged into your eCommerce platform. We can then trigger on that activity and send it over to dotMailer (or other eMarketing Platform) to improve targeting and personalisation of your marketing emails.

Speaking at eCommerce Expo was great - we had a really good audience. You can see the slides here


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