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How to create a real-time eCommerce Advent Calendar

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Our Black Friday Data, for 2014 and 2015, shows how sales increase at the end of November and remain high in the run-up to the festive period. With shoppers in "buying mode", you must encourage repeat visits during this period.  

A tried and tested way of driving repeat visits is to show daily changing offers - metaphorical chocolates in a virtual advent calendar.


Live advent calendar, showing today's daily deal




How to create a live eCommerce advent calendar

With Fresh Relevance you can create your marketing in advance and use one simple slot to display today's advent calendar offer proudly on your website and as real-time content when your emails are opened.

Our cross-channel real-time content allows you to plan the whole thing in advance so you can sit back and watch the revenue come in.

How is it done so easily? Quite simple: Fresh Relevance drag-and-drop content rules control which daily offer is shown on which day.  

These universal content rules work for web pages as well as emails. Send regular emails including the offers; allocate one content area of the website; and both will automatically show the current daily offer.  

Step-by-step instructions


Bonus tip 

Do you "decorate" your website and emails with a seasonal header, for example with with trees and baubles around Christmas, switching to snow when New Year arrives? Well a Fresh Relevance "Web Crop" can copy this straight from your website into your emails, saving maintenance work.

Step-by-step instructions