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Embrace The Person-to-Person Culture

Embrace The Person-to-Person Culture Headshot

By Justis Saayman, Principal Marketing Consultant

Embrace the person-to-person culture

With the marketing world moving so fast we are now experiencing problems we never even considered. DarkSocial is just one of these, but it's a doozy!

DarkSocial stems from users not sharing concepts with everyone anymore, instead consumers are sharing products, services, and content directly to acquaintances they think would be able to use it. These are conversations we as marketers are not privy to and thus cannot attribute any monies to.


Whilst that problem persists and we are still looking for solutions we should also look at the positive. This particular cloud's silver lining lies in the fact that we can assume users are enticed and influenced greatly by what others are saying and doing.

Now you might be asking how we as a brand can do this without actually being someone's friend and thankfully I have some concepts for you:

Social proof, AKA showing how many people are also participating.

Showing how many users are buying or looking at a product/service can have a profound effect on customer behavior.

A simple 'X amount of people are looking at this' forces someone to consider stock availability and helps re-affirm their decision after clicking on something which caught their attention.

This is used to great effect by brands like eBay which show how many people have bought something in the last hour, paired with stock availability in some instances.

Cottages.com recent case-study with Fresh Relevance showed that this concept of displaying the amount of people viewing and buying a certain product offered a faster purchase. It also helped increase response and lessen abandonment.


This concept isn't particularly new, in fact, it's been used in the online ticketing industry for quite a long time albeit maybe not real-time.

When considering this you should also not limit yourself to adding this on site as it can be used with great effect in emails; especially cart and/or browse abandonment when paired with countdown timers.

These combinations of concepts help drive urgency in users whilst providing useful information as can be seen in almost any Amazon sale where limited items are available in a limited time (We all know how successful Prime day is...).

I hope this helps get you on your way embracing consumer led urgency.  

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