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February 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from the 100+ improvements in February 2016:

Fully-Animated Countdown Timers.  Read More

  • Each Animated Countdown Timer is now a single GIF file, so it's very easy to position within your marketing
  • Formatted from standard HTML+CSS, so it's easy to use the same styles as your other marketing
  • Effects effects include spot animation, color changes and even spinning
  • Very fast image formatting - we format the animation frames simultaneously, using lots of cloud servers in parallel, then combine the formatted frames into a GIF
  • Multi-stage caching to optimise performance. New versions of GIFs are requested BEFORE they are needed, whenever possible, to avoid delays in normal use.

Anonymous Operation without email addresses

For ESPs which support sending to people based on an ID, we can now capture and store only that ID, without ever processing or storing an email address or other directly personally identifiable data. 

This is very valuable for clients with high confidentiality requirements, for example financial sector clients who cannot expose their email addresses to third party service providers. We can now work with them using just IDs, which will greatly simplify their compliance due diligence requirements.

Better UI for Configuring Pop-overs.

There’s now a new tab on the UI which allows, for example:

  • Show on Exit Intent, or always show
  • Minimum Time Between Popups
  • Minimum Time Before Showing Popup
  • Show Popup After Fixed Time Period

Personalizable background image in Banner SmartBlocks

The background image displayed by a Banner SmartBlock can be selected, based on values in the Person document, or elsewhere. (Banner SmartBlocks are typically used for meme-like content with text over a background image). 

Cart Layout tests can now use a recent shopper’s cart visit signal.

This makes it easier to test layouts, using real signals generated from your website.

Conversion Reporting for Custom Signals. 

When a purchase is made, the most recent trigger of any type will now be attributed to the conversion, including custom triggers.

Note: the animated image for this blog post is just a snapshot of a countdown timer. See here for live examples.

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