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First Party Data gives the Highest Sales Uplift

First party data gives the highest sales uplift in the social share

Fresh Relevance is built around real-time, first-party data. We know this gives great results to our customers, but it was nice to have confirmation from a new E-consultancy survey, The Promise of First-Party Data (PDF).

First-Party data is data about your products, your customers and their transactions; taken from your Website, emails and other marketing. (Second- and third-party mean data from, or mixed with, other companies' marketing.) 

Marketers prefer first-party data, as this excerpt from the survey proves (first-party data is biggest in each case):

First-party data garners the highest return on investment of any data type, with the potential to do more.


The central lesson of the report is that brands’ owned, first-party data is the shortest and best path to superior results. Fresh Relevance achieves this without changing your existing eCommerce system and without any expensive integration project.

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