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Fresh Ideas Live 2017

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Client Event of the Year

On Tuesday 3rd October, Fresh Relevance held a client event, Fresh Ideas Live 2017, at The Shard in London. The event was designed to let us guide our clients to using the Fresh Relevance platform to its full potential, and also to enable our clients to discuss with one another how they are using Fresh Relevance. We wanted our clients to have the opportunity to ask any questions they have about our platform, and to hone their skills in terms of how they use Fresh Relevance. This was also perfect timing to introduce some of our clients to our new Ratings and Reviews feature, and to give them the opportunity to sign up to our Advanced Access Program.



A Content Packed Day at The Shard 

The day began bright and early on floor 23 of The Shard, and luckily for us, the sun was shining, a great photo opp! The day kicked off with our attendees arriving, getting signed in, and mingling with one another as well as us. There were drinks available, and once everybody had arrived and settled, we began the first of the day’s 5 talks from Fresh Relevance team members and BlueVenn’s Iain Lovett. Topics included Barriers to Marketing, and how Fresh Relevance services can be used by our clients to overcome these barriers, Putting Analytics at the center of your Personalization Strategy. We introduced and demonstrated our new Ratings and Reviews feature, and spoke of customer success at Fresh Relevance with customers in the spotlight.



Following the day’s talks, we held a breakout session with a roundtable discussion activity. Each table in the room was labeled with a Fresh Relevance feature, and our attendees could go to the different tables to ask questions or have discussions with the Fresh Relevance team about the features we offer. This made it possible for our clients to inquire about features they would like to consider using in the future, air any difficulties they have with the features they’re already using, and give advice to other clients regarding the features they have found success with.



Champagne and Cupcakes Galore

At the end of the day, we unwound with our attendees by having evening drinks and cupcake personalization; a fun way to end the day with the view of the sun starting to set in the sky over London. Closing the day, our attendees left the Shard full of ideas of how to make the best of their Fresh Relevance experience; having been able to learn exclusively about a brand new Fresh Relevance feature that is going to be available soon, ask questions aimed at both us and other Fresh Relevance clients about how they should consider using the platform, and having had the opportunity to resolve any troubles they’ve been experiencing with the Fresh Relevance platform.










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