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Fresh Ideas Live: Strategies to deliver engaging content

Fresh Ideas Live: Strategies to deliver engaging content Headshot

By Jeannie Corfield, Content Marketing Manager

View from Fresh Relevance digital marketing event at The Shard

Last week, we collaborated with partners Styla and dotdigital to bring you the biggest Fresh Ideas Live yet.

Marketing professionals gathered at The Shard, London, to discuss the latest trends and eCommerce tactics. 

Key takeaways included:

  • How to reach customers on the right channel
  • How to tailor the message to individual customers
  • How to create engaging content at scale

If you'd like to hear more from our presenters, register for the webinar:

In the meantime, keep reading for a summary of the day's highlights.


Reach customers on the right channel

dotdigital is an omnichannel marketing automation platform helping marketers create, send, and test data-driven campaigns.

Head of Partnerships Simon Lye kicked off the afternoon by busting some buzzwords: What exactly do we mean when we talk about “big-data-driven hyper-personalized omnichannel customer experiences, delivered by marketing automation?” 

It’s actually pretty simple. It’s all about delivering the right message, on the right channel, to the right person, at the right time.



In other words, retailers need to reach consumers with relevant messages, on the channels where they expect to be communicated with. That could be via SMS, through email, in push notifications, or through chat apps. 

It’s crucial to identify which channels your customers are using, and which channel is most likely to encourage the required engagement. 

For instance, SMS could be most appropriate for something the customer needs to know right now, while email is more appropriate for detailed communications. 


Delight customers with the right content

Expanding on the theme of delivering the right message at the right time, Fresh Relevance’s Vicky Beech took to the stage to explore the ins and outs of dynamic content.



Dynamic content means displaying different messaging to each customer based on their behavior, preferences, or real-time context. It’s as if every customer has their own version of your emails, website, or mobile app.

When you think of dynamic content, your mind probably jumps to product recommendations. But with the right tools, marketers can go much further.

Fresh Relevance allows users to dynamically deliver website banners, popovers, countdown timers, coupons, weather-based content, and more.

With Marketing Rules, you can customize not only the messaging a shopper sees, but the type of content they see in the first place. For instance, you might prioritize social proof content for new visitors, while showing personalized product recommendations to your loyal customers.


Create engaging content at scale

Styla is a no-code Content Experience Engine, which helps eCommerce and marketing teams to bridge the gap between content and commerce.

Head of Strategic Partnerships Chris White concluded the day’s presentations with tips to create more engaging content at scale.



Often, content production is seen as a barrier to personalization: With more granular segments to target, there’s more personalized content to create. 

Huge brands have access to developers and designers to build hundreds of digital content experiences. But for most brands, this isn’t an option. Content design can also be outsourced to an agency, but this quickly gets expensive.

The third option is to invest in technology that removes developers and agencies from the content workflow. 

A solution such as Styla lets marketers produce landing pages much faster, freeing up tech teams to focus on other elements of the website. 


Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about personalized content, why not join us for a dedicated webinar?

Speakers from Fresh Relevance, dotdigital and Styla are ready to address questions that they didn't have time to answer on the day. Plus, you can submit additional questions when you register.

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Fresh Ideas Live: Strategies to deliver engaging content Headshot

By Jeannie Corfield

Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Jeannie manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.