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New solution: Fresh Relevance Enterprise

New solution: Fresh Relevance Enterprise  Headshot

By Mike Austin, CEO & Co-founder

New solution: Fresh Relevance Enterprise - featured image

It was almost ten years ago when I and my two co-founders set out on our quest to create a platform that helps online businesses deliver the same great customer experience online that consumers had come to expect offline. 

What started with a handful of people in a tiny office in Southampton Science Park (UK) quickly evolved into the high performer in eCommerce Personalization that Fresh Relevance is today - with offices on two continents, over 500 websites using our technology and two investment rounds supporting our ambitious growth trajectory. 

As we grew as a company, many of our loyal clients grew with us and we were able to add a rapidly growing number of large online businesses to our client roster. 

Companies with large teams, multiple locations and complex compliance requirements have specific needs when it comes to creating personalized experiences.

That’s why today we’re launching our dedicated enterprise offering - Fresh Relevance Enterprise. It helps enterprise organizations personalize the customer experience with ease while catering to their more complex needs when it comes to security, integrations and support. 

With our new solution, large retail, travel, media and recruitment businesses can benefit from: 

Security and compliance

  • Single sign on (SSO): Security is really important to everyone involved in data handling. You can now use your Windows / Azure Active Directory / SAML 2.0 Identity Provider to control access to Fresh Relevance. No need to manage separate login accounts and password policies, and no more passwords for your users to remember (or forget).
  • Role-based access control with Azure Active Directory.
  • IP-based allowlisting: You can restrict users to only log in from specific IP addresses.
  • RSA encryption: You can require RSA encryption on all the potentially identifiable identifiers which appear on URLs, such as image/click-through URLs. 


  • Custom CDN URL support: all the URLs used are branded to your company. 
  • Custom live API calls: Call your APIs to change pricing or other data from content (SmartBlocks) in Fresh Relevance.
  • Test/Dev accounts for your test and staging environments.
  • Custom pre- or post-processors for import processes: Transform / combine your data from different sources with custom pre-processors on imports.

Onboarding and support

  • White glove onboarding package with a lot more time available to manage the more complex integration requirements of enterprise clients. Specialist project managers will help your team through the integration process, including liaising with multiple stakeholders in your business, such as marketing, eCommerce, operations, IT, compliance, legal, data protection. The Enterprise Plan comes with a standard 16 week onboarding package and can be customized to include whatever level of project management or support you need. 
  • The highest level of account management and strategic planning, customized to your needs. 

With the launch of Fresh Relevance Enterprise and the existing Core solution, we have a clear pathway for online businesses of any size to scale their business. Large enterprises can deliver highly personalized experiences using the reliable tools and support they need, whilst SMB organizations can expand and grow with us thanks to the agility of our personalization platform.

For more information on Fresh Relevance Enterprise, please contact the sales team to book a demo or speak with your account manager.

New solution: Fresh Relevance Enterprise  Headshot

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

Mike Austin is co-founder and CEO at Fresh Relevance. Recognizing the challenge of data aggregation in the ecommerce space, Mike launched Fresh Relevance in 2013 with co-founders Eddy Swindell and Pete Austin to solve this need and optimize the customer journey.