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Fresh Relevance Featured in Digital Marketing Podcast

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The Digital Marketing Podcast is a weekly podcast produced by Target Marketing, with hosts Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles delivering digital marketing advice that’s easy for listeners to understand and implement. In one of the latest episodes, Ciaran welcomed Philip Storey, email marketing specialist, founder and CEO of Enchant Agency, as a guest to discuss “Effective Email Marketing”. The episode covers how to automate and customize to achieve the best possible results from your email marketing at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Fantastic Advice for Email Marketers

This episode is a great resource for marketers to take a fresh look at the ways in which they are using email as a means of guiding customers through the buying process and beyond. Philip notes early in the episode how so many businesses miss opportunities to nurture prospects and customers through email, which remains the highest performing channel in terms of Return on Investment. Philip suggests ways to make the most of email such as considering how the discourse structure of email campaigns would look if they were face-to-face conversations and trying to emulate this, thinking about what customers would ask in store, and where they might get stuck in the buying process.

Make the Most of Email with Fresh Relevance

Speaking about must-have email tools to make the most out of email automation and sequencing, Philip recommends Fresh Relevance. He and Ciaran speak about using our platform's cart and browse abandonment emails like the one in the image below to capture prospects when they become distracted from their buyer journey.



During the episode, they also recommend our personalization platform for creating and using live content such as Countdown Timers in emails and on the web to build a stronger user experience.



Tune into The Digital Marketing Podcast

Enchant Agency is a lifecycle marketing agency that spends time helping brands to build lasting relationships with customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Target Internet’s podcasts are available both on their website and on Spotify.

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