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Fresh Relevance Intern Success

Returning Interns

It is said that two thirds of employers look for graduates with relevant work experience so that they are prepared for the working environment. In order to help students gain the work experience they need, and to be able to pick the brains of young minds, Fresh Relevance runs an annual intern program.

This year, Fresh Relevance has welcomed its largest cohort yet, with five interns studying marketing, graphic design, and computer science/software engineering at the University of Southampton and the University of Portsmouth.


(Interns left to right: Sophie Crichton, Ben Edwards, James Dibnah, Diogo Fernandes, Kenneth Mbuthia)


Ben Edwards, Graphic Design Intern from the University of Portsmouth feels he has settled well into his internship, commenting “I'm really enjoying my time here and am learning new things every day. I am excited for the months ahead.”

The internship program is designed to work as a symbiotic relationship between the business and the students we employ. As they provide us with labor, new ideas, and contributions, we provide them with a year’s salary and (more importantly) essential work experience that is relevant to their studies and, hopefully, their future careers.

Mike Austin, Co-founder and CEO at Fresh Relevances says of the internship program “Since we began our intern initiative we have been hugely impressed by the talent that has passed through the Fresh Relevance doors. In fact, many return to take up full-time positions once they have completed their academic courses.”

Which is exactly what has happened recently at Fresh Relevance as four former undergraduate interns returned to commence their professional careers in marketing, software development, and client services. Each of these team members has returned to Fresh Relevance after enjoying their experiences as interns at the business.


(Returning interns left to right: Blake Finney, Natasha Kenyon, Phoebe McEwen, Azdean Samih)


Azdean Samih, Software Developer who has rejoined the Fresh Relevance team after finishing his degree at the University of Portsmouth says “Interning at Fresh Relevance provided me with the support and challenges necessary to grow and develop my skills as a software developer. Fresh Relevance is a rapidly growing company which provides both a multitude of new and exciting challenges, as well as opportunities to innovate and I am very excited about my future at Fresh Relevance.”

At Fresh Relevance, our annual internship program has developed year on year, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our current interns, as well as interns that we will take on in years to come. Fresh Relevance offers a wide variety of different internships, and you can find out more about the opportunities available by emailing us at hello@freshrelevance.com