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Fresh Relevance Helped Marketers Become the Heroes of Their Organization at Meet Magento New York

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Fresh Relevance attended Meet Magento New York, to show marketers how our Magento 2 Connector can make them the hero of their organization. Marketers can now deliver creative, personalized content that is aligned across all the digital channels customers use to make a purchasing decision and ultimately buy.   

 The Magento Technology Partner was a Gold sponsor for the event which took place on October 17th and 18th at New World Stages in New York.



In June 2017, Fresh Relevance announced the availability of our Magento 2 Connector for all 250,000 merchants using Magento worldwide. Features include personalized product recommendations for web and email, cart and browse abandon recovery emails and Social Proof. At Meet Magento New York, Partner Manager – North America at Fresh Relevance, Michael Gentleman, presented a 30-minute breakout session entitled ‘Become a Marketing Hero with Cross-Channel Personalization’, in which he highlighted how this important integration joins up otherwise disparate customer engagement methods with impressive results.



Gentleman states: “Magento 2 is a great platform, but there’s a lot of marketing techniques it doesn’t cover. Through the Fresh Relevance Magento 2 Connector, creative content is personalized to each individual customer across email, web and mobile. No matter where the customer chooses to engage, be it reading emails on their phone, or browsing the website on their laptop, we can recognize them and show content that is most relevant at that specific point in their customer journey.”

Gentleman adds: “Taking this approach can help you achieve the kind of sales revenues that will make you a Rockstar!”


The Fresh Relevance Magento 2 Connector includes:

  • Real-time profiling and advanced segmentation
  • Personalized product recommendations for web and email
  • Cart and browse abandon recovery emails
  • Social Proof
  • Dynamic website content including Countdown timers, personalized images, and coupons
  • Split Testing (A:B Testing) and targeting for web and email
  • Advanced behavioral triggers including Price Drop and back-in-stock alerts
  • Integration of Magento data with any other marketing platform
  • Dynamic data capture overlays
  • Quick and easy set-up with a single line of Javascript
  • Live open-time email content that works with any email marketing platform
  • Integration with all email service providers
  • Detailed real-time reports, giving deep insight into revenue generated on every tactic deployed



The Fresh Relevance Magento 2 Connector is available now from the Magento marketplace. For more information about Meet Magento New York visit: https://meetmagento.nyc


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