Fresh Relevance Unveils New Brand to Marketers in UK and US

10/17/2017 Company News

At Fresh Relevance we’re excited to have unveiled our new brand identity with the launch of a new website.

The new brand is the latest in many significant milestones for us here at Fresh Relevance in 2017, including surpassing 300 clients using our real-time personalization platform, receiving an investment of £2.15 million to assist international growth, the opening of our new Boston office, and CEO, Mike Austin, being recognized in the top 50 entrepreneurs of the last 15 years.


new Fresh Relevance logo


Mike Austin explains: “We work with some of the most creative, innovative and successful brands and as such it is important that Fresh Relevance matches them with a bold, strong and clear identity of its own, that is well represented across all of our communication channels.”


We partnered with Boston based digital agency Scratch M+M to create a fresh brand experience that is both visually stimulating and content centered. By making the navigation of our new website as easy as possible for our viewers, we are enabling any visitor that comes to our site to get the most out of the time spent on the site, being able to find exactly what they need in a small number of clicks.


Fresh Relevance new rebranded ebsite home page


When you arrive at our new website, you’ll notice that we’ve added a new Resources section filled to the brim with useful content. This is where you’ll find our Case Studies, eBooks, Product Info, Infographics, Industry Reports, and How-To Guides: everything you need to know about how to become a marketing hero at your organization!


Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Nanci Kelley adds: “Our aim for the new brand is to nurture ever closer collaboration with marketers. Each day we are sharing new content across our website and social media channels to help educate, inform and inspire marketers to embrace the latest innovations in data-driven web, mobile, email and social media personalization.”


Click HERE to read the official press release. 


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