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Fresh Relevance’s successful collaboration with placement students

Collaboration with Placement Students

Fresh Relevance welcomes three new placement students from the University of Southampton and University of Portsmouth. 2016 is the third year Fresh Relevance has run its intern program, providing students with the opportunity to experience the real-world day-to-day hustle and bustle of a growing business during a year-long placement.

Opportunities to kick-start careers

This year we welcome Holly Smith and Theodora Osztrovszky, both in their third year of BSc Marketing courses at the University of Southampton, and Louis Jordan studying BSc Computing at the University of Portsmouth. 

Diverse knowledge and invaluable experience

Holly and Theo are both heavily involved in all the latest Marketing campaigns and tasks under the guidance of Marketing Manager, Nanci Kelley. Marketing tasks include; updating Fresh Relevance’s social channels, writing and publishing blog posts, updating the website, producing marketing materials for the sales team, as well as data collection and analysis.

Louis is doing Software Development. He works brilliantly with our support, services and development teams to integrate Fresh Relevance into customer's websites and deliver on their requirements, allowing them to produce high quality marketing to target their audience. 

A few thoughts from them:

Holly (Marketing): “We get along very well with the team in Southampton and Sales Team in London. I particularly enjoy the part we play in producing marketing materials for our sales team. It's also a bonus that we've become very close with our manager, Nanci. Having her support really helps with productivity.”

Theodora (Marketing): “This placement is going to give me a deep insight of how marketing works in real life.  I love the fact that we also have the chance to work from London anytime, as our main team and manager is based there.  To me this is especially a big deal as I'm an international student, and working here will also have a huge positive impact on my English."

Louis (Development): “My placement has already given me many opportunities to learn new programming skills and develop my existing ones through building and maintaining real software for real people. The benefit of this experience in industry will be invaluable to me in the future.”

Nanci Kelley (Marketing Manager) proudly photographed with her "two 
most favourite marketing interns in the whole wide world, Holly and Theo"

"Beneficial for all involved"

Working with students is not only helpful to the students as part of their course work, but also for the company as we can benefit from their fresh ideas and curiosity.

Nanci (Marketing Manager) confirms: “We take time to really train and mentor our interns, so that they leave the program with a real-world understanding of the business, helping to kick-start their professional careers upon graduation. In return we are rewarded with their fresh ideas and perspectives, creativity and curiosity, as well as their commitment and hard work.”

Mike Austin (CEO) says: “Our intern program is fantastic and priceless in terms of experience and knowledge gained by all involved. The more companies and students who involve themselves with placement programs the more opportunities our young graduates will have when entering the workforce with the skills needed to compete and prosper.”

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our internship and placement program opportunities, please visit our Jobs page for more information.

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