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Fresh Squeezed: Hackathons, Human-Computer Interaction and How this Film was Made

fresh squeezed

Here at Fresh Relevance, we like to keep up with what's going on in the marketing world around us. So we want to keep you up to date on our favorite reads of the moment.

We went around the office and asked members of our team to talk about articles that have stood out for them recently.

This is what we found:

Phoebe McEwen
Software Developer

Hackathons are Usually Dominated by Men; This One was Just for Girls

I was really excited to read about this all-girl hackathon which took place last month! I loved looking through the winning apps, and I was really impressed by the wide range of ideas the teams came up with. As the article says, the future of tech looks like it's in good hands!

Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Advertising

The nature of content marketing is constantly changing and evolving due to ongoing developments in technology. This article highlights how human-computer interaction affects the day-to-day role of the digital marketer. Recent years have seen a shift towards increasingly interactive content, which can be rapidly tested, adjusted and consumed. I found the section about using human-computer interaction for competitive advantage by combining technological perspectives with traditional market research principles to be really interesting!

Sophie Cresswell
Content Marketing Editor

Ben Edwards
Graphic Designer

How This Film Was Made

This trailer by the BBC for their coverage certainly stood out from the crowd. Using embroidery for each individual frame the attention to detail was clear to see. They have avoided the clichéd Russian styles yet the look and feel are still clearly communicated.

AI and Compute

Google yourself Moore's law. It's been proven true since Moore first came up with it. But with computing power doubling every 18 months it comes as a massive surprise that AI is doubling its ability to compute every 3.5 months! You cannot ignore this anymore as it will soon be part of our every day lives in more ways than just Alexa.

Justis Saayman
Head of Strategic Services

Sophie Crichton

The Five Stages of Grief, in GDPR Email Subject Lines

I know a bunch of marketers who might say that GDPR has been giving them grief lately, but this Quartz article has taken such complaints pretty literally and applied the 5 stages of grief to GDPR permission pass email subject lines. As necessary as the permission pass emails have been for companies to send, the desperation in some of these REAL LIFE examples might make your skin crawl as much as it did mine!