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Fresh Squeezed: Algorithms, Analytics, and Adorable Puppies

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Here at Fresh Relevance, we like to keep up with what's going on in the marketing world around us. So we want to keep you up to date on our favorite reads of the moment.

We went around the office and asked members of our team to talk about articles that have stood out for them recently.

This is what we found:

Laura Dilley
Graphic Designer

9 Games for Graphic Designers

Everyone needs a break now and again to keep our minds fresh and focused, and what better way than playing online games. Here are some fun (and educational if your boss asks!) games we've wasted many lunch breaks playing. From kerning to color theory, you can hone your design skills and refresh your memory on some design fundamentals - or you can spend your time shooting at Comic Sans.

Six Superb Social Media Marketing Campaigns from the Past 12 Months

I’m always looking to inspire our clients with new content and ideas. What usually stands out for me are blogs that have lots of examples in, hoping that my clients will be inspired by at least one of them. Social marketing plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives, whether we chose to consume it or not we are constantly presented with it. Here are some examples of how social has succeeded and the best part - with what they achieved. Now you can’t get better than that, can you? 

Huriyyah Dhanse
Head of Account Management

Sophie Crichton

BBH Interns Staged an Adorable Facebook Live Event to Help Save Puppies

Facebook Live is a great way to serve real-time content to viewers, as well as encouraging engagement through live commenting and reactions. If this can also provide cuddles, play time, and even new homes to puppies then I'm all for it! This campaign encourages viewers to interact by promising to read out any comments posted to the dogs as praise. *Spoiler Alert* one lucky pup was adopted at the end of the stream, ahh happy endings.

The Facebook News Feed Algorithm and Your Brand

I've been saying this for ages, 'Facebook ads are the biggest thing to happen in marketing for a decade', but understanding it is way more important than ever with Facebook ad prices going up an average of 24% since 2016. This article by Locowise helps you understand the intricacies of how to use this powerful outlet for your brand.

Justis Saayman
Strategic Marketing Consultant

Pete Austin
CINO, Founder

Analytics Approaches Every Marketer Should Know #1: Descriptive Analytics

Analytics are increasingly important to marketers, but there's so much nonsense written about them, that it's a genuine pleasure to find an easy-to-read article that gets the basics right. "Analytics approaches every marketer should know #1: Descriptive analytics" by Jeff Rajack is a good read and it's the first of a series if you want to know more.

6 Companies Reveal How Their Unique Cultures Make Them a Success

As the mascot at Fresh Relevance, I view teamwork as a key to success for the business. But building a successful, communicative team doesn't just come from nowhere, you have to build a company culture that encourages teamwork. That's why I like this article, which discusses 6 unique company cultures to start you off thinking about your own.