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Fresh Squeezed: Product Reviews, Game of Thrones and Comic Sans

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Here at Fresh Relevance, we like to keep up with what's going on in the marketing world around us. So we want to keep you up to date on our favorite reads of the moment.

We went around the office and asked members of our team to talk about articles that have stood out for them recently.

This is what we found:

Laura Dilley
Graphic Designer

Hate Comic Sans? You Don't Know Anything About Typography

This blog takes a look at the typeface that so many people love to hate; how it came into existence, how it rose to such popularity, and its practical applications. Whether you are a fan of Comic Sans or not, the moral of this post is that there is a time and place for everything, so it’s important to ensure the typography you choose to use in your marketing is consistent and relevant to your business.

Recommended reading: Transforming business culture and disruptive technologies

Sometimes it's nice to tuck into a paperback, or if you fancy, an eReader! Marketing Week gives a lovely little list of recommended reading for all of us looking for some inspiration and/or shop talk topics for the watercooler, or an up and coming networking event. All great leaders are readers!

Nanci Kelley
Marketing Manager

Natasha Kenyon
Marketing Executive

IKEA, Game of Thrones and the Power of "Reactionary" Marketing

As an avid Game of Thrones fan, and someone who considers wandering around IKEA and a Meatball Dinner a fun day out, I was delighted by this campaign. And it’s not alone, IKEA have created a number of viral pieces of content with massive success!
I love seeing a brand push the limits with their marketing to create unique and captivating campaigns. IKEA’s UK marketing director, Laurent Tiersen gives some great advice in this article, and I believe this kind of reactive marketing is something we can all learn from.

OK Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana; Can You Tell Me Some Stats on Voice Search?

I've found that I am using voice search far more often these days, to the extent that my daughter even knows to 'Ask Google' when she wants to see pictures of animals or answer some science question. With Alexa, Google Home and more players making super fast inroads into more and more homes it's no wonder that 30% of searches will be done via non-physical means by 2020. This article by Branded3 really does contain all the stuff surrounding this exciting technology.

Justis Saayman
Strategic Marketing Consultant

Eddy Swindell
Director of Sales and
Marketing, Founder

The Definitive Guide to eCommerce Product Reviews

Fresh Relevance works well with user generated content including product reviews to drive engagement in many different ways. Paul Rogers has amassed incredible experience in this area. This is a must read for any eCommerce company wanting to leverage this kind of user generated content.

Elephant Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of many things in the world that bring a little bit of light into my life. I'm also quite a big fan of elephants, believe it or not, so for me this recipe is the perfect combination of the two. With a clear guide to making a batch of DIY elephant cupcakes, you can't go wrong. I better get practising for next year's Great British Bake Off applications!