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Fresh Squeezed: Ratings, Rages, and Data Revolutions

fersh squeezed martech reads of the moment

Here at Fresh Relevance, we like to keep up with what's going on in the marketing and technology world around us. So we want to keep you up to date on our favorite reads of the moment.

We went around the office and asked members of our team to talk about articles that have stood out for them recently.

This is what we found:

Ben Edwards
Graphic Designer

How to Choose the Right Paper for your Brochure

Recently at Fresh Relevance, we have been busy preparing for events in the UK, as well as the USA. These events have required a lot of print materials to be produced. This article highlights how important something so trivial as the weight or finish of the paper can be, and how much it affects a person’s view of your brand.

Has the Data Revolution Realised its Potential?

Personalization remains the aim for many brands, which is why data should have such a high value within any business. Are new data laws a chance to reset customer relationships or is it about time we scale back on personal data? Take a look at what leading marketers are doing to streamline their approach.

Huriyyah Dhanse
Head of Account Management

Sophie Crichton

How Snickers Used Social Media Outrage to Fuel the Year's Most Innovative Media Plan

I love real-time marketing, but two things I love more are chocolate and how Australians sound when they get angry. So when I found out that Snickers in Australia ran a campaign to drive the Aussies' hanger up and the prices of their chocolate down, I got excited. Then when I read more about it and found out it used an algorithm to do all of this based on real-time topical messaging and social media posts I absolutely lost it. Kudos Snickers, you did good! 

Why is Python Growing so Quickly?

This is a really interesting analysis of the different types of developers who use Python. I've been programming in Python for about seven years now and used it for a variety of types of development. It made me smile that they guessed my most searched tags on Stack Overflow as a Python Web Developer!

Phoebe McEwen
Software Developer

David Henderson

How Not to Sort by Average Rating

This is an old article that popped back into my timeline recently. It shows how some of the simplest looking tasks, such as "sort items by thumbs-up/thumbs-down ratings" can become complex when you dive right in. 

It's a Boy! Belgian Zoo Delighted at Asian Elephant's Birth

Hooray! A healthy Asian elephant has been born in Belgium and I can't wait to find out what they call him. It was such a tragic loss last summer with his sister, but successful breeding with elephants is so important to me as, well, an elephant! I'm thrilled to know that our population is growing, and that we're being well looked after with breeding programs.