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Getting inspired at Fresh Relevance Community Day 2019

Getting inspired at Fresh Relevance Community Day 2019 Headshot

By Jeannie Corfield, Content Marketing Manager

Fresh Relevance Community Day June 2019 Highlights

Fresh Ideas Live Community Day kicked off at King’s Place, London, on 5th June. The day’s theme was Let’s Get Inspired!

Customers, friends and partners gathered next to Regent's Canal to share challenges, strategies and inspiration from their personalization journey.

If you need a refresh, or didn’t make it on the day, here are some of the highlights:



4 things your board doesn’t want to hear!

Internet Retailing’s Ian Jindal kicked off the day with lessons from the IREU top 500 retailers of 2019. One thing list makes clear is that simply improving year on year is not enough to stay at the leading edge: All your competitors are improving too, all the time. What’s more, top brands and marketplace giants like Amazon are training consumers to expect operational excellence.

To get ahead, retailers need to put consumers at the center of the business through providing great operations, great products, and a true connection between brand, staff and shoppers.



Keeping it fresh

The Fresh Relevance team talked visitors through the biggest challenges facing the retail industry, and how personalization can help.

Eddy Swindell, CRO and co-founder, suggested how online merchants can use the customer journey and customer lifecycle as a springboard for choosing the right tactics.  

Attendees found out what to expect from Fresh Relevance in the next twelve months, as CTO Dave Henderson gave a sneak peek at the product roadmap. 

Guests also had the chance to see the platform in action, as Consultant Alistair Milne demonstrated our new improved trigger programs UI.

Customers were able to address their specific questions at dedicated clinics with our friendly support team.



Customer success and Power User Awards

Fresh Relevance Power Users were recognized with awards for their innovative use of the platform. Winners included FFX Tools, Glasses Direct, Cottages.com, Surfdome, Harvey Nichols, Time Out, Vision Direct, Feel Good Contacts, Wex and VioVet. 

We also heard from two customers about what personalization means to them. These were the takeaways:

  • Whether you’re a brand or a retailer, generic bulk marketing simply doesn’t cater to individual customers’ needs. Fresh Relevance takes the guesswork out of delivering the most engaging content to your audience, without taking control away from the marketer.
  • The Fresh Relevance platform, along with its dedicated support team, saves marketers a huge amount of time, freeing up bandwidth to focus on producing great content and deciding on appropriate marketing rules.



Community sessions

Our partners were on hand to give their take on the biggest trends shaking up eCommerce.

The key to successful personalization is not what you know - it’s who you know! Online marketers need to get to know as many customers as possible in as much detail as possible, while respecting shoppers’ privacy. Joshua Beale, Senior Account Director at Mapp, showed that by recognizing individuals across devices and channels, marketers can achieve true personalization at scale.



Progressive Web Apps (PWA) represent the next big step for commerce, says Joseph Russell, Head of Design at JH. By blending the flexibility of the open web with the functionality of native apps, they have the power to transform customer experiences and solve tricky business problems. The technology is ready to use today, and retailers have an opportunity to take a leap forward in their vertical.



Matt Dimond, Consultant at BlueVenn, presented the key findings from the company’s Customer Data Excellence Report. The research shows a clear link between CDP deployment and business success, with CDP owners two and a half times more likely to have significantly outperformed against their organization’s main marketing goal in 2018.



Fun and networking

Marketers joined their peers for roundtables to discuss the challenges and advantages of different digital engagement strategies. We learned from those who have just started their digital personalization journey and those who have been in the game for years.



Guests were then invited to unwind with drinks and refreshments under our private covered patio along the Regent’s Canal.



If you can’t wait for the next event, contact your Account Manager or get in touch to find out what’s in store. In the meantime, get your copy of the day's highlights:


Getting inspired at Fresh Relevance Community Day 2019 Headshot

By Jeannie Corfield

Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Jeannie manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.