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How 3 eCommerce beauty businesses drive sales

How 3 eCommerce beauty businesses drive sales Headshot

By Camilla Bass, Content Marketing Manager

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With products on both extremes of the price spectrum and fierce brand loyalty, beauty retailers and brands need to know their shoppers and product lifecycles inside out in order to provide a targeted experience that converts. 

Read on to learn which tactics to use for your own eCommerce beauty store to create seamless, tailored experiences that result in more revenue and happy customers, with real-life examples from three beauty businesses.

1) Triggered emails

Triggered messaging is all about delivering personalized, real-time content to shoppers at the moment they are most likely to convert. Not only are triggered emails useful tools to facilitate a smooth shopping experience, they are proven revenue boosters that encourage customers to purchase more products from your site.

Shoppers of beauty products are likely to have preferred brands and buy products that need replenishing. Using past purchase data, you can send well-timed replenishment emails to remind customers to repurchase their favorite products. For price sensitive shoppers, past purchase and browse data can also be used to trigger price drop emails when their frequently purchased or browsed products are available at a lower price. Sales uplifts for price drop emails average 3%. Similarly, you can trigger emails to alert customers when their preferred products are back in stock

Shopping abandonment is one of the most popular types of triggered email, sent automatically when a customer abandons a cart or leaves a browsing session without buying. When shopping for beauty products online, a plethora of options combined with the inability to touch and try on products means abandoned carts are inevitable. 

Timely cart and browse abandonment emails with dynamic hero banners featuring the carted brand enable Markwins Beauty Brands to react to high-intent behavior, nurture their shoppers and boost revenue. 

Source: Markwins Beauty Brands email

Cart and browse abandonment recovery emails are a proven revenue booster, with the average Fresh Relevance client doing cart and browse abandonment emails achieving a sales uplift of 12%. Markwins also uses dynamic delivery information to show the shopper how much more they would need to spend to qualify for free shipping, a tactic that serves to increase the shopper’s cart value.

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2) Product recommendations

Product recommendations are a lucrative tactic for any eCommerce business, and can generate sales uplifts of up to 11%

Many beauty retailers and brands offer products across a vast pricing spectrum, which makes it all the more important to ID your website visitors as soon as they start shopping, capturing essential information such as their frequently browsed products so you have an idea of their price range. 

For new shoppers entering your site, a lack of customer data doesn’t mean you have to waste precious space showing products that are over or under their desired price point. Fresh Relevance’s Price Affinity Predictor uses AI to predict the price level that will appeal to each new website visitor, helping you show the most relevant products based on price level. This in turn will improve click-throughs and reduce the high bounce rate of new visitors. For returning visitors, you’ll have a wealth of past purchase and browse data to help you welcome them back with personalized product recommendations according to their preferred price point. 

Molton Brown uses AI recommendations on their product pages such as ‘Similar Products’ and ‘Frequently purchased together’ to inspire and guide the customer as they are browsing. This allows them to showcase a wider range of inventory, while increasing AOV and creating a seamless customer experience.

Source: moltonbrown.co.uk

3) Dynamic content

Dynamic content gives marketers the power to personalize every step of the customer journey to an individual’s preferences, behavior and real-time context. Each user sees content that is timely and relevant, which in turn encourages clicks and sales.

With new products and lines added frequently, beauty retailers and brands have an opportunity to build excitement and enhance customers’ intrigue with dynamic content. Molton Brown’s dynamic countdown timer draws shoppers’ attention to their new range of products, increasing urgency and decreasing click to purchase as customers know they have a limited amount of time. 

Source: moltonbrown.co.uk

4) Social proof

Social proof helps marketers increase conversions by reassuring customers that they are buying the right product, with tactics including ratings and reviews, customer testimonials, and crowdsourced product recommendations.

Beauty products are often considered purchases, as shoppers want to ensure the products make them look and feel great. So when it comes to shopping online for beauty products as opposed to in-store where customers can test and try out items before purchasing, social proof cues are all the more crucial. Displaying reviews and ratings helps to ease purchase anxiety and build trust. 

Research shows that you should take social proof seriously as a digital marketing tactic. More than 1 in 3 customers won’t purchase if an online store doesn’t show product ratings and reviews.

Space NK creates a buzz around top rated products by highlighting them on their homepage, along with star ratings and customer reviews.

Source:  SpaceNK.com

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How 3 eCommerce beauty businesses drive sales Headshot

By Camilla Bass

Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Camilla manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.