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How London Fashion Week took the social media world by storm

London Fashion Week social media marketing inspiration

London Fashion Week is crucial for fashion retailers to get their products seen, worn, and bought by big names in the media, as well as regular consumers like you and me.

This year, fashion retail brands have taken the social media world by storm with campaign after campaign to catch your eye. In fact, on Instagram alone, there are 1,596,784 posts using the hashtag #lfw.

We’ve kept a keen eye on the fashion week social media campaigns, and compiled a list of five of our favorites so that you can take some inspiration for your own marketing efforts.


1. Tommy Hilfiger

Countdown timers are a great way to create a sense of urgency around an offer or event for your consumers, and like Tommy Hilfiger has done, social media can be a great place to do this. Alongside a lot of other regular London Fashion Week Twitter content, the global fashion designer brand used a countdown timer on Twitter, to create a buzz for the live streaming of its Tommy Now Rock Circus show at LFW. The brand posted a link to the live stream on the popular social media platform with a countdown timer and the use of the promoted hashtag #TOMMYNOW, which has its own emoji. The share text used for this campaign also helped to create a sense of urgency for potential viewers by telling them not to be “fashionably late” and to “set a reminder”.


Source: @TommyHilfiger on Twitter


2. Topshop

With 150 million people using Pinterest every month, it's not a social media platform to be forgotten about. Topshop has made extensive use of Pinterest for London Fashion Week, by having an entire board with 1285 pins, all dedicated to its in-house designed  London Fashion Week collection, Topshop Unique. Given the visual nature of Pinterest, it’s an essential platform for fashion retailers to show off their products, and to link to your eCommerce site. Try what Topshop has done and place product images within the same color schemes and backgrounds together to create themes on your boards.



Source: Topshop Pinterest (pinterest.co.uk/topshop)

3. Mercedes-Benz

So I know Mercedes-Benz isn’t a fashion retailer, but hear me out on this one. Mercedes-Benz is an official sponsor of London Fashion Week 2017, and so the car retailer has provided a guest service for celebrities and influencers in the Mercedes-AMG G63 to LFW2017 events. Mercedes-Benz then posted pictures of the guests in/with/on top of the cars on their Instagram using the popular hashtag #lfw. This is a great example of how social proof can be used on social media, by posting user-generated content that shows off your brand.

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Source: @mercedesbenzuk on Instagram

4. New Look

Video is a great way to grab a viewer’s attention on social media, and New Look has used Facebook videos and Facebook Live to commentate and recount the fashion retailer’s London Fashion Week involvement, such as New Look outfits worn to events, and an insider’s look at their launch party for Fashion Week. New Look, an official partner of LFW2017, used videos in two ways. To flaunt the glitz and glam of London Fashion Week, with edited videos featuring celebrities and influencers attending their exclusive launch party. But also to make LFW accessible to their high street shopper audience, by having Facebook Live documentations of the events featuring the New Look fashion worn by attendees. The high street fashion brand also ran a competition for shoppers to win access to a front row seat at London Fashion Week. 


Source: New Look on Facebook

5. London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Festival

Last but not least, both the official London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Festival have had individual Instagram accounts for the occasion. Due to the predominantly visual nature of the platform, Instagram is a great way to let your viewers see into the heart of your brand, as well as how great your clothes look. London Fashion Week has done just this, by creating two accounts, for two separate variations of the brand. The London Fashion Week Instagram account, with a following of 89.7k, and 1,533,738 posts, focuses purely on the heart of the fashion and its designers. In slight contrast, the London Fashion Week Festival Instagram, with a following of 46.1k, and 1,850 posts is more casual in terms of theme, focusing less on the fashion and more on the social side of the festival.

Instagram has 700 million active users monthly and over 80 million photos are uploaded each day. This year, London Fashion Week is demonstrating the importance of Instagram to fashion brands today. For fashion retailers, Instagram is a crucial social media platform to use in email and web strategies, due to the predominantly visual nature of the platform. Use Instagram to show your followers how great your clothes look, and to add personality and style to your brand.


Source: @londonfashionweek on Instagram

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