How to put an Animated Countdown Timer in Your Emails

Put a Countdown Timer in Your Emails. STEP 1: Go to the Countdown Timers Page:* Left nav: Content|SmartBlocks, * click Countdown Timers STEP 2: Choose a Layout: * Hover over a layout, e.g: DD:HH:MM:SS (no caption)* Click Create STEP 3: Enter your Countdown Timer properties:* Click Properties* Smartblock Name = Big Sale Timer* Start Date of Promotion: 2015-06-21 07:30:00* End Date of Promotion: 2015-06-22 17:30:00* Click Before* Text Before the Start Date: Sale starts soon* Animated must be ticked* Click During Promotion* Text During Promotion: Sale ends soon* Animated must be ticked* Click After* Text After Promotion Has Finished: Big Sale is over* URL After Promotion:* Click Publish STEP 4: Create a Slot:* Hover over the new Countdown Timer and click Use* Choose for Email personalization* Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot* Slot Name = Big Sale Timer* Click Save STEP 5: Add it to your email* Copy and paste the HTML into your email* You'll now have a Twitter feed in your emails! Ideal for use in marketing emails, to increase urgency!For more details, visit

Examples of animated countdowns (static example):

Real-time Countdown Timer
Real-time Countdown Timer

More Examples

More Information:

Q: Don't Like Animation? A: No problem, it's optional - Read More.

Q: Is it clickable? A: Yes, like all our real-time content. You can provide
different click-through URLs for before/during/after.

Q: Can I enter HTML in the messages? A: Yes, of course.

Q: How do I program clever animation? A: You need to edit the layout. After Step 2, click the pen icon, edit the Layout HTML, enter a name for it, and click Save.

  • You are programming 60 individual frames, at a frame rate of 1 fps, which we render and combine together in real-time. This is for spot effects not movies, for example twinkles, blinking, counting seconds.
  • Look at the script in an animated layout to see how it works. We can provide online training.
  • You will end up with a GIF, which is basically a compressed collection of deltas (differences between frames). Check the size of your image file before including it in an email, and keep it under about 200k. ("Save as" to make a copy on disk and check the properties)
  • We can also animate things for you.

Q: Can I put this in a web page too? A: Of course - follow exactly the same steps.


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