How To Put Social Proof in Web and Emails

Live Example (Coupon from our Demo Store):

Social proof example Social proof example Social proof example Social proof example




Put a Real-Time Coupon in your Emails

To attract shoppers and boost sales.

STEP 1: Go to the Coupon Smartblock Page:
> Left nav: Content|SmartBlocks, 
> click Coupon

STEP2 : Choose any Metered Layout
> Click Create Metered
> Choose e.g. Generic Coupon
> Click Create

STEP 2: Customize it
> Properties tab
  Enter a clickthrough URL and Google tracking codes
> Expiry tab
  Enter the expiry date
> Upload Codes tab
  Load one code and the number of coupons
  Or paste a list of codes
  Click Save

STEP 3: Create a Slot
> Hover over the new Coupon SmartBlock and click Use
> Choose for Email Personalization
> Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot
> Slot Name = My Coupon Slot
> Click Save

STEP 4: Add it to your email
> Copy and paste the HTML into your email

Edit the slot rules to control who sees the coupon

Ideal for shifting hard-to-sell stock!

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More Information:

Here's the link to "How To Put Real-Time Product Recommendations in your Emails".

Q. What types of social proof are available? A. browsing now, buying now, recently bought.

Q. Can I show review stars, or remaining stock level? A: Yes. Expose this information on your website and tweak a template to use it. Contact us for details.

Q. Can I show user comments in emails? A. Yes. One approach is to show comments on your website with your existing comments plug-in, then use our WebCrop to copy them into your emails.

Q. Can I add social proof to my existing SmartBlocks? A: Yes, or the Fresh Relevance Services Team can do it for you. Contact us for details and a quote.

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