How To Put an Email Address Capture Form on your Website



Put a Real-Time Coupon in your EmailsTo attract shoppers and boost sales.STEP 1: Go to the Coupon Smartblock Page:> Left nav: Content|SmartBlocks, > click CouponSTEP2 : Choose any Metered Layout> Click Create Metered> Choose e.g. Generic Coupon> Click CreateSTEP 2: Customize it> Properties tab  Enter a clickthrough URL and Google tracking codes> Expiry tab  Enter the expiry date> Upload Codes tab  Load one code and the number of coupons  Or paste a list of codes  Click SaveSTEP 3: Create a Slot> Hover over the new Coupon SmartBlock and click Use> Choose for Email Personalization> Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot> Slot Name = My Coupon Slot> Click SaveSTEP 4: Add it to your email> Copy and paste the HTML into your emailSTEP 5: PROTIP Edit the slot rules to control who sees the couponIdeal for shifting hard-to-sell stock!For more details, visit:


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Q. Do pop-over subscribe forms increase subscriptions? A. Yes, they are very effective - we even researched this.

Q. Can they be personalized? A. Of course

Q. What types of popover triggers are there? A. The main ones are "time based" and "Exit Intent". We provide a lot of options and we can even write custom rules!

Q. Will customer's whose details we already have also be shown the popover ? A: No. You can optionally display some other marketing if you like.

Q. Can I just show the pop-over to selected customers? A. Yes, you can choose who sees it in the Slot Rules. We recommend that you only show a popover to unidentified visitors who are leaving, or who have already visited several pages and learned about your site. Showing a popup too early causes people to bounce. Contact support for more advice.

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