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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in MarTech

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International Women's Day is on March 8th and to celebrate the women who contribute to the success of Fresh Relevance, we asked them to introduce themselves.

Meet the Women in MarTech:

Phoebe McEwen
Software Developer

I enjoy solving problems, so being a developer is really engaging. Building a creative solution to a problem is so satisfying, and I enjoy working with Marketing and Support to bring customers new features. During my internships here in university holidays I felt like I had a lot of support from everyone at Fresh Relevance to improve as both a developer and as a member of the team. Since joining as a full-time developer after graduating, that support has continued, and I still learn something new every day!

As a marketing placement student, my role at Fresh Relevance presents several opportunities to get creative, whether it be in a blog post, creating a landing page or email, or even just my day to day social media posts. Being in a female-led team for the duration of my placement year has reinforced my drive, for the final year of my degree and beyond, to pursue leadership roles in terms of my career and other aspects of my life. This year has been a positive glimpse into the working world for me, and I'm more than happy to say that, on a gender equality level, the future looks bright. 

Sophie Crichton
Marketing Intern


Martina Poehler
Marketing Director

It's hard to believe that up to the 1960s, a man could quit his wife's job if he had the feeling that she was neglecting the household! Luckily, a lot has changed for the better in the workplace since then. One area where we still need to make more headway however, is helping women combine motherhood and career. Far too many employers are reluctant to hire or promote young mums, as they perceive them as more distracted or less committed, thus missing out on a valuable, experienced part of the workforce. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy working for Fresh Relevance so much - the company offers a supportive environment so people can thrive and reach their full potential - no matter their gender or family situation.


My role as a Sales Development Representative involves generating new business for Fresh Relevance. It's a very fast paced job where you are constantly learning and building relationships. Initially I found applying for sales roles in this industry quite daunting, but our working environment is so collaborative and a pleasure to work in. Our SDR team has an even gender split which provides a great balance of ideas and experience within our team, I'm constantly developing in the role.

Grace Louisy
Sales Development Representative

Laura Dilley
Graphic Designer

My role at Fresh Relevance involves a huge range of design work across the entire company - from digital to print - so there are lots of opportunities for me to use and develop my creative skills. I spend a lot of time collaborating with our design intern Ben and the rest of the marketing team and as Fresh Relevance grows I am more determined than ever to make sure our design work is as professional and engaging as it can be.

Even after 15+ years in the Marketing industry, I still find myself in awe of the successful women I continue to meet along the way. Every woman has a different journey, but all with a common theme: courage and grit. The courage to not settle for less than they deserve and the grit to persevere through the struggle of the early years and the complexity of the later years.
I am grateful to have grown up with a mother who exemplified what it means to be a successful working woman and mother, as well as a father who always instilled his belief and dedication to supporting women in the workforce.
Fresh Relevance offers a breath of fresh air in their support for equality and flexibility. We are in an exciting era of progress that our foremothers could not have imagined 100 years ago. Let's keep moving forward!

Nanci Kelley
Field Marketing Manager

Natasha Kenyon
Marketing Operations Executive

In my role at Fresh Relevance, I have had the chance to experience and observe many parts of the MarTech industry, from SEO to exciting industry events.
Fresh out of university I was given responsibilities and autonomy within the Marketing Department, which has allowed me to confidently grow with the company. I’m very excited for my future with Fresh Relevance and the opportunities I will have as a marketer going forward.

I currently work as a Sales Development Representative at Fresh Relevance where I am responsible for finding and qualifying leads for our Business Development team. Fresh Relevance has an incredibly supportive culture where progression is strongly encouraged and with the lack of women in the top sales roles in technology companies, I am even more driven and motivated.

Lizzie Smart
Sales Development Representative

Huriyyah Dhanse
Head of Account Management

Huri was not able to write her entry for International Women's Day because she is currently on maternity leave. The work that she does for Fresh Relevance is integral to the success of the business and she is an excellent asset to the team. A fantastic development in women's rights in the workplace has been the right to take maternity leave and adapt to motherhood while maintaining job security. We wish both her and her family all the best and look forward to her return.