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January 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from the 100+ improvements in January 2016:

1. More Options for Trigger Programs.  Read More

  • Calculate send times based on product information (or pretty much anything else)
  • Multiple action channels, to help you send some messages to the shopper and some to your call center.
  • Ignore marketing pressure for sends: Send all emails regardless of marketing pressure, so someone on this trigger program will always receive every email
  • Always complete trigger program once started: ignore marketing pressure for all sends and ignore marketing pressure for all sends after the first. 

2. More Options for Twitter Feeds.  Read More

Multi-level caching; optionally hide retweets; scan more tweets.

3. Send Test Email can use currently previewed cart.

On the Content | Cart Layout | Preview page, the "Send Test Email" button now uses the same signal as the cart shown in the preview pane. 

This uses "real" cart signals from shopper histories, which means cart level data is present (e.g. cart.ex and cart.u) and can be used to accurately simulate a real email test send.

4. Support "Display SmartBlock" based on the content of a person field

This implements a simpler way for external systems to drive personal real-time content in web and email. For example analytics packages like Blue Venn. Just create a segment containing the persons that you want to receive the marketing, and load the id of the required SmartBlock into a specified field for all of them. (Related: you could also use this to do Split Testing, but the intended way is here.)

5. Campaign Monitor Support.  Read More

Campaign Monitor UI completed.

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