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January 2017 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from our improvements in January 2017:

1) Service to send Report Emails

Weekly Report emails are now sent to all users at direct clients. Users can opt-out on their user settings page.

2) The new "Site Editor" is now in Beta for selected clients

This will allow SmartBlocks to be placed anywhere on the client's website with a WYSIWYG editor that lets you just drop a slot onto the site. There's no need to contact IT / web dev to make changes to the website - everything is now under the marketer's control.

  • Changes to Website Personalization with the new Site Editor are now logged.
  • The recommendation template HTML has been rebuilt and improved based on client feedback, to make it easier to use and more compatible.  
  • A recommendation carousel has been added for use with the new Site Editor

3) Optional field names for segment export uploaded files

When segment export uploads files to a remote FTP server, there is now an option to include a field name row for the email address. The field name can be specified on a corresponding field mapping page.

4) Price Drop Products (Dynamic) data source not returning any products

The issue was that the data source wasn't configured correctly. Underlying this was that the UI was too hard to use.

  • A new button has therefore been added to the Segment Builder when creating a Price Drop segment. This button will automatically create a SmartBlock for use with the Price Drop mailing - to show the products. This makes it much simpler to create the necessary content for use with Price Drop.

5) Tags have been added to SmartBlock Templates

These tags are copied automatically into the SmartBlocks created from those templates. This means that users will get some useful tagging without having to take any action. Users, of course, can add their own tags to help with organizing the content.

6) “Switch Account” Functionality

Users who have access to more than one client account (for example, multiple websites run by their company) can now switch directly using the "Switch account" link at the top-right of the admin site.

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