Dawn of Longest Day at Stonehenge
Dawn of Longest Day at Stonehenge

JUNE 2016 Enhancements

Here are some highlights from our 100+ improvements in June 2016:

  1. New ROI Report (Read More)

    • Total sales uplift from use of Fresh Relevance
    • Sales Uplift attributed to Cart Recovery, Browse Recovery, SmartBlocks
    • SmartBlock Conversion rate and other metrics
    • Average order value and other metrics
  2. New List Uploads Report

    Shows the results of "Add To List" triggers

  3. Magento cart rebuild supports additional prids and quantities (Read More)

    Add a free item to the cart when the cart rebuild link is clicked in an email. This supports adding "free gifts" when clicking through from a cart abandonment email, as an incentive for the shopper to complete their purchase

  4. Segment Builder out of Beta (Read More)

    • Segment Builder is now available as an option for all clients
    • Segment your contacts based on behavior and purchases
    • Import Segments into other marketing tools for email marketing and Facebook Ads
    • Intuitive drag-and-drop UI
  5. Improvements to SmartBlocks Editing

    • Sort order is remembered on each user's computer
    • Paginaged, for better performance with hundreds of SmartBlocks
    • Thumbnail loading is more intelligent, for better performance
    • Quick search facility on name and ID. Advanced search is still available.
  6. Help Instructions for Popular Tag Managers

    • Google
    • Adobe
    • Telium
  7. Advanced Video, showing how Fresh Relevance live content works in emails

    • Banners
    • Countdown Timers
    • Twitter
    • Custom
    • Live Pricing APIs
  8. Improvements to Marketing Site

    • Blog Search, at top of pages
    • Features Menu has more entries
    • Home Page updated
    • Feature Comparison Page updated (Read More)
    • Easy Onboarding Page (Read More)

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