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June 2018 Enhancements

digital marketing monthly product enhancements

Here are the highlights of our latest platform enhancements:

1) Location-based Weather Rules

Recommending products like hats and scarves to consumers when they’re in the middle of a heatwave is going to make you look detached from their needs and might even deter shoppers from your brand. Show weather-related content such as product recommendations based on the weather forecasts for the location of your customers (obtained automatically from their IP address) in email and on websites to demonstrate that your products are the perfect match. This feature is especially useful during times of the year where the weather can be drastically different for customers in different parts of the country (think LA vs. Chicago in December).

2) Price Drop Product Labelling

Draw more attention to items that you’ve recently discounted by labeling them accordingly. Shine a light on products that have just gone on sale, for example by exclusively including or prioritizing them in product recommendations.

3) Location-based Timezone Helpers

You can now use the Fresh Relevance personalization platform to convert date and time to the local timezone of your shoppers based on their location (obtained automatically from their IP address). Adapt information on your eCommerce store, such as customer service operating hours, to your shoppers’ local timezone so that they have a clear understanding of when to get in touch with you.

4) Triggered Email Comparison Reports

It’s important to review the success of your triggered emails to ensure you’re making the most of this moneymaker. We’ve added comparison and detail reports  to help you monitor the performance of your cart recovery programs and other automated emails over time. Use this reporting feature to analyze your triggers’ performance and make comparisons of different trigger programs, strategies and rules you’re using.