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Location-Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing

What is Location-based Marketing?

Location-based marketing (geo-targeting) is marketing that changes depending on where potential clients are located now, or will be located in future. Instead of treating customers as a monolithic entity, location-based marketing adapts to the particular social, cultural and personal traits of customers by making assumptions about their habits and preferences based on their location.

Real-time marketing for a mobile audience

Fresh Relevance can leverage many types of addresses. For example:

  • Current location: we use technical data such as IP address to determine client location in real time, e.g. when they open your email or visit your website.
  • Product location: if a shopper is buying a flight from LHR to JFK or LAX, or visiting Magaluf, we can use its location
  • Home location: if your website can provide client addresses, we can look up their location from e.g. a town or city name, postcode or zip code, phone country code, etc.

Some possible uses

We recommend that you keep it simple and stick to tried-and-tested strategies:

  • Language and currency: display product recommendations corresponding to the shopper's home location or the current/product location (e.g. in choosing the most appropriate "site brand")
  • Weather or Season: display offers or recommend products appropriate for the shopper's location or travel destination.
  • Segment the market: run different offers in different locations or countries
  • Shop address: show details of a nearby shop 

Getting Started

Location-based marketing is somewhat technical and we want you to get going immediately. You understand your marketing and we know our system, so you specify the offers and we'll do the setup.

More Information

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