Make The Most Of Our Social Media

Make The Most Of Our Social Media Headshot

By Nanci Kelley, Marketing Manager

There are many ways in which you can keep in touch with us here at Fresh Relevance, including through a multitude of social media platforms. To make it even easier for you to stay in contact, we decided to put them all into this post, so you don’t have to find them!


You can find everything from Infographics and How To Guides to Case Studies and Relevant Industry News on our Twitter Page.

Fresh Relevance Twitter Page


Our Pinterest account contains hundreds of examples of emails that might inspire you for your next campaign!

Fresh Relevance Pinterest Page


We update Linkedin with our Company News, Jobs and other content to keep you up to date with what the company's doing.

Fresh Relevance LinkedIn Page


We have a Google+ account for our London Sales Office which will let you know about news or job positions we have there.

Fresh Relevance Google+ Page


Similarly, we have a Google+ account on which we post company news, jobs and interesting blog posts.

Fresh Relevance Google+ Page


Our Instagram is a great way to see what we've been up to, often through the eyes of our mascot Frellie!

Fresh Relevance Instagram


Our Youtube Channel has our company videos, great if you want a quick overview of what we do here.

Fresh Relevance Youtube Page


Our Facebook account is regularly updated with company photos and jobs.

Fresh Relevance Facebook Page

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