Facebook Audience Targeting
Facebook Audience Targeting

May 2016 Enhancements

Here are some highlights from our 100+ improvements in May 2016:

  1. Facebook Integration.  Read more

    Target Facebook Adverts to people who have recently browsed or bought specific brands and categories of product (using Segment Builder). And optionally reach a wider audience by using Facebook Lookalike Audiences to target more people similar to them.

  2. New Slot Rules for Browsed/Purchased/Carted/Abandoned Product Id(s).  Read more

    Choose which SmartBlocks to show to people who have interacted with a particular product or list or products

    The slot rules work in a friendly way, based on product IDs (with an easy picker). This is much better than competing systems which require knowledge of URL structure.

  3. Jinja2 merges in transactional email trigger/settings fields

    Jinja2 merges may now be used in the following fields (Jinja2 is the open standard templating language that we use):

    • Friendly From Name
    • Friendly To Name
    • From Email Address
    • Subject line

    Some fields have been made longer to provide extra space for merge codes

  4. Webcrop captures to PNG as well as JPG

    Works better with larger images and web pages containing photos.

  5. Added Help Documentation

    Help documentation has been added to describe the UBX data between Fresh Relevance and IBM Marketing Cloud

    More videos showing advanced usage of the system have been added.

  6. Add "email address" icon to event headers in shopper report where email address is present

    This is one of our regular improvements to speed up the onboarding of new clients. (Read more.) It shows an icon to the Event headers (before they are expanded) in the Shopper Report to indicate the event contains an email address. This makes it quick to see when email addresses are being captured.

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