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May 2018 Enhancements

may 2018 enhancements

Here are the highlights of our latest platform enhancements:

1) Frequency Capping

Variety is the spice of life, so be less repetitive in your email and web content and keep your shoppers excited about the products you’re showing them with Frequency Capping.

Frequency Capping enables you to add filters to any Fresh Relevance Smartblock, providing you with fine-grained control over how many times each product can be re-displayed to shoppers.

Prevent boring your shoppers away by repeatedly recommending the same products by adding filters such as “Exclude products that have been seen in a Recommendation Smartblock by this person 5 or more times in the last 10 days”.

2) Comparison Reports

Use the latest enhancements in Comparison Reports to see your top performing Smartblocks, Slots, Triggers and Campaigns and compare their performance over time. Find the Comparison Reports in Reports, Summary to identify where you are using the Fresh Relevance personalization platform to your best advantages and seeing the biggest results.



3) Product-centric Analytic Data

Take a look at product-centric reporting data to show how well different products are converting. New APIs expose such data to help you to identify best and low performers through the number of impressions and the sales quantities and values of your individual products.


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