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Fresh Relevance at IBM Amplify, Tampa Florida, May 16-18

IBM Amplify

Fresh Relevance promotes the right content to the right person at the right time via the right channel for a real-time personalized customer experience. We combine real-time data, real-time content creation, cross-channel targeting and triggered communications.

For example, Fresh Relevance integrates with the IBM Marketing Cloud via the Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) so you have all the data you need for better email personalization and segmentation, in real-time (infographic, more details).

Join us at IBM Amplify 2016, May 16-18, booth 105, where we're demonstrating real-time personalization and automation for retailers.

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Eddy, Director of Sales and
Marketing, Founder

Harry, Partner Manager

Huriyyah, Head of
Account Management


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