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New Feature: Advanced Customer Tagging

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Your shoppers love it when you show them the products they actually want, so much so that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that personalizes. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make your behavioral targeting even more sophisticated, showing customers the products you know they’re going to love?

The new Fresh Relevance Advanced Customer Tagging (ACT) feature will help you do just that by enabling you to apply tags that group together particular types of information about a product such as “Color” or “Brand”.

How it Works:

When a shopper browses or purchases your products, the tags from those products will be associated with that particular shopper. This means that you will be able to target content at shoppers based on the types of products they are interested in.

Build holistic customer profiles by tracking preferences for each product category. For example, your customer may like white t-shirts from Brand A, blue jeans from Brand B and brown shoes from Brand C. Using a slot rule, you can now target content to shoppers who have demonstrated interest in one or more brands, colors, product types etc.

How to use ACT in Your Marketing Strategy:

Identifying and Tracking Trends in Real-Time:

If a user browses and carts Brand A trainers in the color black, ACT will track and make a record of the customer’s preferences based on these product details. This data is live which means that if the individual’s preference changes from black to blue or from Brand A to Brand B, the tracking record will update in real-time.

If shoppers are primarily interacting with a particular color, brand, style or similar, ACT can be used to track trends pertaining to your brand and target trending imagery or products in your email and web content to drive higher engagement.  

Personalized Product Recommendations:

Based on the records built using ACT, make personalized recommendations in your emails and web content for the types of products your shoppers are interested in purchasing. Tailor your users’ shopping experiences based on their preferences to make shopping with your brand more convenient and delightful. You can even go as far to show the colorway of a new product based on the shopper’s favorite colors instead of using the default.

New Releases:

Highlight new releases or discounts for specific product types in your email and web content by targeting them towards customers that will love them based on their recorded preferences. For example, delight your shoppers by sending them the latest product releases from brands they’ve shopped before, or brands you think they’ll like based on what brands similar customers like.

Advanced Customer Tagging is now available as part of our Behavioral Targeting module.