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November & December 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from our improvements in November and December 2016:

1) Our ongoing desire to make the system even easier to use

  • Redesigned UI for “Content|SmartBlocks”

The “Create New SmartBlock” option has been redesigned. It's now on a separate page to show templates better with less scrolling, making it even easier to select the template you want.

For editing existing SmartBlocks, there's been a host of small improvements. For example, you can now display 8 SmartBlocks on one page, allowing you to use our system in an even more user-friendly way on smaller screens too.

  • New notifications page

System notifications now have their own page instead of the dashboard. An "alert" icon now appears on the dashboard as a reminder. This cleans up the dashboard and makes the system much more usable. Everything for an better user experience!

  • Easier and better preview of SmartBlocks, particularly the Recommendation ones

Your favourite SmartBlocks can now be easily previewed for various people: a person with a given email address, a random person from the database or an unidentified person. These options make it easy to check how recommendations are working for different people.

  • Improved trigger editing

Last but not least, we brought you simplified reports navigation and a makeover for the triggers page to make it consistent with the rest of the admin UI. A simpler approach for navigating when creating new triggers, and more logical to edit existing ones.


2) New, tracking feature for shopper’s last visit date

Three new analytics are now available and can be loaded automatically for every shopper, to field in the ESP. Enjoy an even more precise data source available about your customers:

  • Last browsed date
  • Last purchased date
  • Last session date

3) Updated Price Drop segments 

Your previous price can now be easily included in the Price Drop content, allowing creative like "was £499, now £349" in SmartBlocks sent to people who have browsed products which have now dropped in price.


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