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October 2016 Enhancements

Enhancements Social Share Some of our highlights from the improvements we made to our Marketing Hub

Here are some highlights from our improvements in October 2016:

1) New Product Recommendation types

Three new recommendations types have been created, based on a machine learning approach:

  • "Frequently bought with this": This looks at the product on the current page, then it looks back at what people who bought this product have ended up buying with it. This is great as a cross-­sell recommendation tool for use on product pages and/or cart pages. It would also work well as an additional "did you forget...?" page on the checkout, after the cart page.
  • "After viewing this, people buy": This promotes the highest converting product which is bought by people viewing the current product. It's a great way for an eCommerce store to show a larger amount of their product inventory to web browsers.
  • "People like you buy": This looks back at the history for each individual shopper, and what products they've browsed. Then it looks back at other people who browsed those products, and recommends the products which they ended up buying. This is a great general purpose recommendation type to use on many different types of pages. See example:

2) Price Drop Targeting

With the Price Drop email feature a new type of segment can be created, which targets people who viewed products which have dropped in price. When a shopper has seen one or more products at a higher price, they can now be included in your Cart and Browse Abandonment Email campaigns as well as in Bulk Emails and shown pictures of the products to prompt them to return to the store and make a purchase.

3) Admin UI improvements as part of the “ease of use” project:   

  • Sharper menu: a new menu layout has been improved to make it easier to differentiate the sub-­menus from the top­-level menus improving UI.
  • Tidier UI: The UI has been tidied up by grouping the palette of filters which can be used to create segments and price drop segments
  • Help links: How-to links have been added to the relevant help section on most pages. The links can be found by clicking on the "?" icons on each page.

4) Improvements on Segment Builder

Segments built by the Segment Builder can now be automatically loaded to a secure FTP server each time they are rebuilt with new options to export the completed segment file.

Export channels can be created with the secure FTP server details (username, password, etc.). These channels can be selected when creating the segment. When the segment is built, it will be uploaded to the secure FTP server. This allows integration with various other marketing systems.

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