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October enhancements: New marketing rules

October enhancements: New marketing rules Headshot

By David Henderson, CTO

fresh relevance marketing rules new feature

Enabling marketers to engage customers with personalized content across email and web is one of the most exciting features of Fresh Relevance. By setting marketing rules in the personalization platform, brands can determine which dynamic content SmartBlock will be displayed to each individual shopper.

We’ve made the user interface (UI) easier to use and enabled you to target content to audience segments across multiple countries and multiple sites as well as slice and dice your audience in various ways. We’ve also enhanced it with even more options to leverage contextual data, such as location and weather forecast.


Intuitive drag-and-drop rule tree

Our new, simple UI empowers marketers to build sophisticated rule trees based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data without the need for scripting or technical support. Using drag-and-drop, you can make content as granular as you like by mixing and matching over 30 flexible, intuitive marketing rules.  

For example, you can group together everybody using the German version of your site, and then target banner content according to their lifecycle stage. Target new visitors differently to repeat shoppers, differently to super-loyal customers. Or target the recommendation strategy based on the types of products they’ve been using.

The campaign example below shows the marketing rules tree for the hero image of a travel website promoting holiday packages. The banner will display tailored offers to each shopper based on their location, the weather forecast for the area and whether or not the shopper's been identified. The flowchart boxes without blue ends show the rules and the boxes with blue ends show the content that will be displayed if the respective rule is fulfilled. 




When setting the target location and radius for a location-based marketing rule, you can immediately see which area or cities will see the specific piece of dynamic content.



Weather forecast

You can select the temperature range for a weather-based marketing rule with just two clicks, using an intuitive controller panel.



To take it one step further and make the customer experience even more personalized, you could easily add with just a few clicks additional rules based on the shopper’s stage in the customer lifecycle or purchase path.

For example, you could inspire shoppers who are members of your ‘loyal customers’ segment with holiday packages similar to their last trip on days when it’s raining. Or offer lapsed purchasers an exclusive discount for their next trip.

With the new marketing rules, behavioral, transactional and contextual data can be combined in whatever way you like. It’s never been easier to present the most relevant content to guide customers along their journey and increase conversions.


October enhancements: New marketing rules Headshot

By David Henderson


As CTO at Fresh Relevance, David leads the dev team. He has been instrumental in designing, building and scaling the platform to help marketers get awesome results by driving sales growth and strengthening customer engagement.