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Our Favorite GDPR Re-Permission Emails

18th May 2018

The end of the month is just around the corner, and as it approaches, so does GDPR which will come into effect on May 25th. The pressure is on for businesses to confirm for all contacts with an unverified opt-in status that they still want to receive marketing messages. We’ve been keeping an eye out for our favorite GDPR permission pass emails, so here are the best of the bunch:


We all know that a big red button is one of the most tempting things on the planet. It feels like an exciting act of rebellion and it’s difficult to look at one without wanting to press it and see what happens. This opt-in email design by Game recreates this urge on your screen to resubscribe shoppers to receive emails after the GDPR deadline. The gaming company also outlined reasons what individuals will gain in doing so.


For any nosey email subscribers out there, the title for this re-permissioning email from Mini might just be enough to encourage you to re-opt in. The thought of being left in the dark can make anybody feel a little excluded. So the title partnered with this silhouette image of what could be a Mini (but you wouldn’t know because it’s blacked out, of course) might be just enough FOMO to click the “I’m in” button pronto.


We’re not sure if you know this, but it’s really difficult to say “no” to a kitten. Look at that face! Of course you want to keep receiving emails from this cute little ball of fluff. BuzzFeed has been onto a winner with this GDPR permission pass email, capturing the hearts of those subscribers that have been ignoring their emails for a while.


Placing a sales announcement in this opt-in email by Dune is a smart way to remind shoppers what they could be missing out on if they fail to stay subscribed. This, matched with a sneak peek at the products you could be saving 25% on, provides not only a reason to shop immediately but also one to remain on the mailing list so you never miss out on an opportunity like this.


The wording and layout of this email from Missguided keeps the technical seeming topic of GDPR down to earth, trying to be straight with customers and making sure they are fully aware of the types of emails they will be receiving. Shoppers will likely have received a bunch of GDPR related emails in recent times, and might be on the same wavelength as the title of this email. Missguided have cleverly emulated the likely feelings and dialect of their audience to encourage subscribers to remain a part of the community.

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