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The Fresh Relevance 2018 MarTech Hot List

2018 digital marketing technology martech predictions

We're a month into 2018 and the new year already feels like it's going to be a big one all around, with no exception for marketers! "So what does this new year have in store for the marketing world?" we hear you ask. At Fresh Relevance, we 've put together our predictions for 2018 in the MarTech world. Read below to see what we think are going to be the hottest marketing trends this year:

Personalization goes mainstream:

Mike Austin, CEO, Founder

2018 will be the year when hyper-personalization becomes mainstream. Early adopters have already seen the financial benefits of personalizing all their marketing across multiple channels. The technology is now available at an affordable cost and we'll see widespread adoption by all types of websites, particularly omnichannel retailers.

Justis Saayman, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Finally 2018 will bring real personalization to the fore. With customers becoming less brand reliant and more suppliers popping up, customers are more spoilt for choice than ever before. Personalization stacks the deck in a company's favor, drawing attention to the things the customer wants to see or buy.

Marketers will jump on the Gen Z bandwagon:

Martina Poehler, Marketing Director

Are you sick and tired of reading about Millennials, those digital natives who place a big emphasis on work-life balance and social consciousness? Well, I have good news! Move over Millennials, there's a shiny new cohort in marketing town: Generation Z, the mobile natives born after the year 2000. While starting birth years and market sizes still need to be defined more clearly, there was a noticeable uptick in media interest in this next demographic group in 2017. A trend that I expect to pick up momentum this year with more and more marketers shifting their attention away from Millennials and towards Gen Z. My advice: don't write off Millennials too quickly! Today's twenty and thirty-somethings finally have some spending power now that they are earning their own money, starting a family and becoming homeowners. 1 in 6 US Millennials reportedly already has savings of $100,000 and more. So lot's of good reasons to stay focused on Millennials and obsess with Gen Z'ers once they have successfully conquered puberty.

AI gets serious:

Tom Smith, Head of Global Partners

2018 promises to be a year of growth for our partners supporting the expansion of personalizing the entire digital customer experience. Having seen remarkable advancement in email already now is the time to focus on bringing other lucrative digital channels into the fray (web, mobile, device and social). Paving the way for true "single identity" communication to end customers.

In an ever-changing world of "big data", it’s finally time for AI and machine learning technology to take control and properly support marketers in scaling the heaps of data collected, returning actionable insights and real-time content delivered at every stage of their customer's journey. With Fresh Relevance's machine learning algorithms already making huge impact on ROI  our partners envision a very exciting year ahead!

Chris Williams, Partnerships

This year, AI and machine learning are beginning to play a more important role in the technology we already use for marketing. We are increasingly beginning to realize the potential of AI-driven technology whether that be the optimization of content, email subject lines, advertising, social media, smart pricing or the recent disruptive forces of Amazon’s echo and Google’s Home that are reshaping the online shopping experience.

Of course, marketers still face challenges around data integration, silos, skills and the need to balance personalization and data privacy, but we are now in an age where we no longer must rely on predictions based on surveys and panels for customer insight. We can now use real-time data and signals activated by customers to identify where they are on their individual journey to purchase and influence that journey. This doesn’t just have to be restricted to online, FarFetch’s vision for the store of the future is an inspiring look at how we can blend the brick and mortar experience with eCommerce. AI can extract value from huge data sets and a strategic approach to using this will be crucial in improving retail experiences and ultimately ROI of marketing spend.

Customer Centric Strategies

Huriyyah Dhanse, Head of Account Management 

Customer Centricity will be key as marketers will start to really own the multi-channel experience. Understanding key personas and delivering content in real-time based on interests is going to be more important than ever. Live banners, countdown timers, dynamic content and geotargeting are going to be key in 2018 as customers seek more relevant content than ever!

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