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Personalization Increases Sales by 14%


Fresh Relevance is, we believe, the only company doing real-time Web and Email personalization using entirely real-time data*. So we were delighted to read these findings confirming our approach, from a massive E-Consultancy survey with around 700 respondents:

Results of the October 2014 Global Survey, from E-consultancy and Adobe:

  1. There is a strong commercial case for personalisation - those who are doing it report a 14% uplift in sales. [In addition to the 11% sales uplift that clients get if they choose Fresh Relevance for cart and browse abandonment emails.]
  2. Personalisation is seen as fundamental to online strategy for the majority, though only 5% of companies are personalising 'extensively'.
  3. Email remains the most personalised channel (78%), though desktop is catching up (69%), and more than a third are now personalising the mobile experience (36%).
  4. 70% of companies see technology integration is a key barrier to personalisation, and only a quarter say they are using a single, integrated cross-channel technology platform.
  5. The survey revealed a significant gap between the perceived importance of personalising experiences at the right time, and the ability of companies to deliver on it. Half of the respondents indicated they are not able to target personalised web content in real time.


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*Only Fresh Relevance has a completely real-time personalization pipeline: real-time data collection, real-time data analysis, and real-time personalized content for both web and email channels. This fresher data and formatting gives you better results.

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